I think Laz Adaptation is going to released on Thursday the 17th


So here is my best guess. TRS announced they have a planned weekend challenge on the 18th which is a Friday. I have a feeling Lazzy will be announced this Monday, abilities, Tuesday, and release Thursday, just in time for the weekend challenge.


They have said the Adaptations won’t be out until after TU 09 which is in the summer.


So you had a theory about it? No proven evidence? I’m with @TomsMeatPlatter on this one. C:


Tom is right on this one. New characters and such can only be added via a title update anyway. The next title update will be 9.0 in the summer so we’ll have to wait til then. :slight_smile:


But weren’t the adaptions released in micropatches?


They were added into the game via a title update first then ‘unlocked’ in a micropatch. :slight_smile:


Kinda. They preloaded them in them through micro patches and officially implemented them in TUs. So they practically patch them through many patches and officially put them in the game in TUs.


Alright about the tier 2/3 adaptations they will be coming by,after or before TU9?


They’ll more than likely be preloaded that TU then unlocked through a micropatch or after a certain time frame.


Some time shortly after I think. Not much has been confirmed to my knowledge about that though.

Edit: I’d imagine them being released one by one like they have been so far. Maybe shorter times between too. Again, this is not confirmed to my knowledge.


summer is a long time from now! I can’t believe it would be so long… Then why would Elder be released before summer?


Why did they release Meteor Goliath so long before, too?

For the same reason, methinks. So we have something.


If they gave us ANY new content, don’t you think the community would be in an uproar about the Devs ability to introduce new, potentially unbalanced chars into the mix. While they still haven’t fixed the issues the exist in the current meta. The answer is subjective, regardless I think a majority of us can agree that any new content in the game that has to be installed on my PS4 hard drive is NOT welcome until we can at least get a hard deadline for the TU


To be fair, I’m right about most things :triangular_ruler:


Because they were going to release TU9 the day Elder Kraken was released. Now everything has been pushed back 'til summer.


summer meaning the day of summer (around that time) or like June/July?


Summer meaning before Autumn but after Spring

  • Adaptations are downloaded/preloaded/released on title updates, and made unlocked/playable via micropatches.
  • Therefore it is not possible to get any new ones until a title update rolls in.
  • Title Update 9 won’t be available until summer of this year, fastest will be late June and latest will be in late August.
  • By the time TU9 is available for release, all of T2 hunters will be done.
  • Potential Wraith?? magic…
  • The t2 hunters will be released gradually of course.


This is a bummer honestly can we at least pretend to be excited for the 17th lol if it means anything.


I’m excited because I will be getting white girl wasted with friends since it’s St. Patrick’s Day.