I think Kracken should have a smaller armor pool, thoughts?

See above, he has a lot of armor for being able to dodge so much with natural hovering.

Isn’t he also the slowest of the monsters? I honestly think he’s fine the way he is. Except for those few bugs with some abilities (looking at you, Aftershock).

Once caught, it’s hard to lose the big headed lightning beast.


…and if they have Val and Abe I simply cry. But yes, agreed. A well placed Vortex can help tremendously.

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But he also has the hardest time getting away from a dome or not being found at stage one due to his mobility. The dodge really doesn’t mean that much unless their is something he can go behind like that pillar on dam. It’s also really hard not to get headshots on him with how large it is.


He is the slowest (barring behemoth) but he also gets the most distance out of a proper dash… a smart Kraken might have trouble losing the hunters… but making distance should.be easy once the dome is down


He’s fine.
I sense you are not a monster player, are you?


I’m fine with a lower armor pool for Kracken as long as the armor pool of Kraken stays the same


I think his current set up is very balanced IMO, while he can fly he doesn’t fly very fast and Poon’s bring him down


I’m a pretty good monster actually, I only play Kracken when I’m done fun little cheese things like 3 points AFS deathmatch as soon as they drop, I feel worse playing Kracken then I do Wraith because at least with Wraith they have a chance, and serious Kracken attempt is a instawin.

I think it’s pretty balanced as it is. Not everyone is going to win or lose to you. I don’t think none of the 3 monsters is unfairly overpowered, but if there’s one to tweak down, it’s definitely not the Kraken.

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Kraken requires you to play more elusively. Dash in one direction so your little energy prints get placed. Then sneak in another.

Fake trails tell false tails!


No thankyou

Gotta disagree on this one. He is a heavy bomber who needs the OK durability to effectively fight. Without that, his relative lack of speed and vulnerability when down would a make him more deep fried calamari for hunters then cthulhu thunder god monster.


I find Kraken to suck really badly against good teams. You can fight just fine, it’s what comes after the dome that ruins his game. No amount of Vortex, Mines and Strikes keeps Hunters away and only bad Hunters can’t tell when you’re sneaking nearby to try and juke. Once you are found you’ll never be able to Evolve safely and you’ll barely be able to recover the armor you just lost. With Kongzilla and Murmaider you can put some real distance between yourself and the Hunters after the dome - not so with Cthulchu.


I’ve been finding this to be the case as I enter into the 30+ level of play. For the love of god, the only times I can really survive effectively are when I find the damage buff or the damage reduction buff. And if they have Abe and Cabot- or just as bad, Abe and Bucket- then once you’re found the first time, forget about it. You won’t even get a chance to feed. I’ve almost entirely given up on sneaking as a mechanic. He’s my favorite monster, but I’m having serious trouble with his survival. Starting to see why the guy ranked dead last in stats.

Yeah, Kraken is just so lacking in terms of survivability and mobility.

nope. he has enough armor. not more not less.

I’d want the other trappers to be able to drag him to earth more consistently like Abe.

I’d also like all Monster armor pools to scale with stage with current levels being Stage 3 Monsters, but that is a different topic.

Though I must admit that Kraken is a finicky Monster: sometimes he wipes teams insanely quickly and sometimes he is very ineffective.

Nah, his head hitbox is too big. It’s already easy enough to headshot Kraken, now imagine if it had less armor.

It’s fine in my opinion.
Just needs to fix the problems with pounce and aftershock and he’s a pretty well built monster!!

Though I may be a tad bias :slight_smile:

When I’m playing Kraken my vortex is throwing hunters 10 meters away, when I’m playing vs Kraken, his vortex is throwing me 900 meters away… aaaaa!!!