I think it's time to buff Griffin


My opinion about Griffin is that he has always been mediocre compared to other trappers, even though his harpoon can still be really useful sometimes, especially against behemoth and goliath, it’s still really bad compared to Maggie’s automatic harpoons. While Maggie (and wasteland Maggie) can safely stay on a mountain and shoot harpoons behind the monster without having to aim and keeping the harpoon out (which means she can still do some damage), Griffin has to be very precise and also to stay behind the monster at all times. Considering that Griffin takes much more skill to play correctly, i think he deserves a buff. His harpoon should be superior to Maggie’s. One great way to balance Griffin’s harpoon would be to make it more durable, it would take two hits for the monster to destroy it. I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with me, but you can’t say his harpoon is fine, Maggie or WL Maggie will always be better choices. I wouldn’t even say he’s better at hunting, he’s not. Daisy is much more useful than his sound spikes. Especially in competitive games where having the advantage of knowing the general direction of the monster at the start of the game can make the difference. Sound spikes’ utility is easily negated by being always in stealth as the monster. Yes they will work from time to time when the monster attacks wildlife creatures but imo having daisy on your side is so much better. At the end of the day, Griffin can be a really good trapper, but compared to other trappers he’s mediocre at best.



Griffon has been a staple of competitive matches forever now. How do you explain that if he has always been mediocre?


A good Griffin is better than a Maggie (even Wasteland) but it takes a lot of accuracy and movement management.
The real problem with Griffin is his absurd strength against a Goliath but relative weakness versus a Kraken, which has been meta for some time.

His tracking is fine imo. The only thing I’d change is how reavers destroy the spikes. It doesn’t really make sense from a lore standpoint as forces Griffin to put the SS in a hard to reach place consuming time and jetpack: frustration.

Also, damage wise against a Kraken,he only gets beat by Crow and maybe Abe. Headshots are so easy with his weapon.


Personally i’ve never seen many Griffins in silver games, i always find maggie or wl maggie, or other trappers, but not griffin. Dunno about gold games.


I would argue he has many strengths against Kraken.
He stops aftershock, messes up the aiming of banshee mines amd vortex as well, plus he practically reals him in like a fish now thanks to how much pull they gave him.

If you are flying when he harpoons you, if you quit going forward he will actively pull you back making you lose ground.

Griffin is picked less because he takes more skill and active critical thinking during a match. Something many players lack.


I just feel Kraken has such an easy time breaking the harpoons though. And even so, Aftershock is the only ability it CAN render useless but its radius is a whole county so it still hits 50/50.
Banshee Mines maybe dampened if Kraken is fighting in a pillar filled area.

Griffin is pretty darn good against Kraken on the chase though, because of his slowness, I’ll give him that.


Yeah, Griffin is largely fine as he is. If you’ve ever seen a good Griffin at work you’ll know that. I’ve played with some amazing Griffin players before I went and took my break, and the monsters we faced during those games barely got to move anywhere.


Take for example a match against Wraith, Griffin will have a really bad time trying to harpoon her while maggie will do it without any problem. It just doesn’t make any sense to me that Griffin takes much more skill and his harpoon is just the same as maggie’s, that are ten times easier to use.


I do actually like the idea for the spikes. It makes sense for large wildlife to destroy them if they walk over them. But space monkeys? They respawn and run around everywhere and zap, your nice little audio choke point you had now has a gap, sad face.

It isn’t terribly time consuming to put them in a out of reach spot though either. Maybe BHM, or orbital, those little shits are everywhere on that map.


I would like for Griffin to have a longer harpoon range though, which is especially handy to keep a weakened monster just that big closer when he wants to leave.

And for all those say, oh no that is way too overpowered, remember that Jack has his force to stop the monster still a bit when trying to escape (even from far away)


Griffin was nerfed because he was just too good. With his old reload speed you were pretty much guaranteed to stay on the monsters butt at all times. Right now its still possible if the monster doesnt know how to deal with it. Personally I would like to see him buffed again just for my own amusement.


For Griffin against Kraken you need to save the poons for AS and LS. It screws up his aim and he cannot break the cable while channeling.


Griffin was my main trapper … I really want him to get a harppons buff

But he doesn’t deserve it . He is much of a hassle to all monsters

In med/high he will be broken if he got any buff


Griffin’s Harpoon should double as a fishing line.

He snags the Monster, then reels them towards himself until the line is snagged.

That could be hilarious…


That’s already how it works.


I remember once upon a time, the difference between Maggie and Griffin was described to me as reactive vs proactive.

Maggie is more reactive. She responds to the Monster when he does things. Moves through the world, fights, etc. While Griffin is more methodical and rewards people who can successfully predict Monster behavior. The 2 of them fill different niches. I really think all of the Trappers (save for Mad Mags) are incredibly well balanced.

When playing Griffin, if you want to beat the Monster, you have to think like the Monster.


Now that Sunny’s jetpack booster has been nerfed, I wouldn’t mind seeing a buff in the range of Griffin’s harpoon.


I mean, it use to have range :joy: his harpoon gun that is @Slicks


don’t forget the tranqs and speed boost. + Parnell on MS.

XD those were the days.


He kind of does if your in the air. You actually start going backwards as a kraken if you don’t break it.