I think it's the decoy not the wraith


In my opinion it is the decoy, not the, wraith that is the problem. I don’t think the decoy should be able to damage the hunters while the wraith slips away. it’s a DECOY not a bodyguard. Even when you know its a decoy you still have to deal with it or it can potentially kill a wounded hunter. If you know it’s a decoy then you should be able to just ignore it and keep tracking, but you have to stop and deal with it every time or it will eventually beat you down. Other than that, i think its a great game and ill bet if you weigh in all the griping about this or that hunter being op against the monsters being op it will still be about even. Just fix the match making.

any thoughts


that does not fix the problem that the wraith does not care if the trapper throws the dome next to her out cuz she can just 3x dash into warp blast. and spit on the hunters from the outside of the dome


I agree I watched my brother use it to farm large wildlife like the crowbill sloth at lvl 1 since he just maxed it and it took it out in 5 hits which he couldn’t do.

I read somewhere that it can never hit as hard as wraith but that just isn’t true especially when I watched proceed to down a hunter from full health


3-star decoy hits harder than Wraith.


But thats my point is I read somewhere, pretty sure a tr person who said it won’t hit harder and on top of that it can benefit from supernova


I know, you weren’t certain, I was clarifying. At 3-stars, the damage overtakes the Wraith’s own damage. It is very potent.

That other person is incorrect and likely just making assumptions based on 1-star decoy.


what we do is have three hunters chasing it around and the trapper sitting in the middle intercepting her. its a little risky for the trapper but it works well for doming her, but they guys chasing are always a long way away and half health because they’ve been fighting decoys the whole time.