I think I'm the only person who likes the game!


The game is amazing! The community is incredibly lame. Hopefully within a month or two people learn how to play against the Wraith and these tiny bugs are fixed. Besides that great job TRS!


Pshaw… TONS of people love this game, don’t let the vocal minority suggest otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re right you are the only person who likes the game… Everyone else LOVES it :stuck_out_tongue: but seriously it is in early stages and some people are just new to the game and are not used to wraith playstyle yet, give it a couple of weeks and that will change.


I feel like people don’t even try to figure out the Wraith! They probably lose to them once and call op, and then they probably don’t even try new tactics.


I am a firm believer that Wraith is OP in SOME aspects, but I am also a rather active member of Evolve’s community. I think her Decoy and Supernova could be toned down a little, but other than that, I love her.

But not as much as I love my Krakkykinz! :blush:


True that still balancing issues but I trust TRS.


Supernova was nerfed before the games release so it is not that strong anymore and does not need anymore changes. Decoy needs something of a risk when using it, as it stands it is free damage and escape which makes fights so much easier. On Sacriels stream I even saw 3 hunters go down to 1 decoy, which was their fault for grouping but 2 of them were near half health when it happened.


I love this game, I have issues with wraith, but other than that forum war, I love this game.


I feel that Wraith should have the same Cloak effect Laz and the supports have, how they still have an outline. That way you can still shoot at her, but doing so will give the Decoy an opportunity to strike.


I agree. Supernova is fine. If anything, it isn’t that great anymore. That being said, I said in Beta I would rather see Decoy do 20-50% less damage. I also thought it would be cool if you lose a portion of armor/health each time it ‘splits’ from you or you take like 5-20% damage (Numbers out of butt) that the Decoy takes to yourself.


If that happened there would be no reason to ever use decoy. Decoy is/was intended to position yourself in combat that gives you a good spot. Knock someone off a cliff for a pounce etc…


I thought of the decoy taking some health away when it is used last night while watching Sacriel, funnily enough he read it and the people he was playing with all agreed that would be a nice balance change XD


Oh, I feel ya. Never mind I suppose.


I have mentioned this as well. I feel like its a part of her and should take down her armor since she can farm it back up anyways during a fight with decoy. Should be similar to Parnell’s super soldier. It would add more strategy to using it and making it less spam able. My original thought was her health since its part of her but that wouldn’t go over well, so maybe it breaks down her armor when she does it.


It’s a great game that can be improved upon down the road. As the vocal minority that is common on any MMO you encounter. Don’t let a select few be the voice on how everyone else feels. I assure you we all have different opinions and one thing we can all agree upon is this game has solid potential to be one of the best.


My vision for Decoy would be this.

  • Lower damage between 20-50%
  • Change it so that the Cooldown doesn’t start until the decoy pops. This means there will always be X amount of seconds between each ‘cast’ so it’s less spammy as a result.
  • Keep the inability to ‘warp blast while stealthed’ (Though this wasn’t as bad as it was REALLY easy to spot the ‘real’ trail left behind and hear where it went)
  • Have the duration last a few seconds longer to allow you to get into position.
  • Buff pounce damage by 10-25% for pouncing while stealthed.


Good suggestions.


Thanks. I would love to see a Monster really ‘pouncy’. It’s how I enjoy using Decoy. Sneak up behind the medic who is all alone or support and pounce them while they engage Decoy.


This is how I often use it. Or to evade.