I think... I'm becoming a monster player


Full disclosure, my internet has been down for a week so I’ve only been playing solo mode. But I got bored of hunting in solo after a while so I decided to start trying out being a monster. Now, I’ve been playing this game since release and I’ve got about 200 hours into it, so of course I’ve played monster a few times. I just always drastically preferred being a hunter. I usually didn’t even care what class I was cause I loved them all.

But then I started using behemoth. And man, is that a power trip. Of course he has his bugs, but the combos and raw power is insane. And he’s actually pretty mobile and fast, particularly if you take the stamina recharge perk. Can’t wait to get back online and see how I fare against real hunters. I may have been converted…

Help me, I’m becoming a :monster:!!




Behemoth can be a lot of fun! His immense power can easily make up for his buggy traversing.


Dammit quirkly! You can’t go changing your picture like that. Now I’m gunna get all confused when I see you around the forums


Don’t hate me for bein :sparkles: Fabulous :sparkles:


I’m still not a huge fan of kraken or wraith. But goliath I can get into. And of course, my new bae, the beh is my favorite so far


Fabulous quirkly is fabulous


Damn right


Yeah baby!


Goliath frustrates me the most. Even if I win, I’m still pissed at how difficult it is to do just about anything with him lol. Even his attacks don’t register a lot of the time -___-

But I think what I love the most about Behemoth (and HATE the most about Goliath) is wildlife farming. Behemoth can smack 4 creatures dead with a single swing, ahhhh it’s so good :smiley:


Join the dark side


Good night sweet prince.


Yeah his roll/melee combo is brutal on wildlife. And fissure just lays waste to everything in its path


The conversion has already begun


There’s nothing bad about that man! :smiley:


Lol yeah I’m just nervous that I’m really liking the monster in solo mode, but my skills might not be up to par for online


Join ussssssssssss
And as behemoth do you also have a hatred of wild packs of mammoth birds
Lil gits will spark you out of you roll near


The infection is spreading


I always tell myself that, and whenever I unexpectedly get picked to play Monster, I get a little rattled, haha. But even then I typically destroy the hunters %80 of the time … :stuck_out_tongue: … Tasty hunters! :wink:


There’s a weird appeal to being a lone ranger against a four man squad and knowing that you can win if you play our cards right. Also I find it fun as behemoth to employ hit and run tactics. I usually armor up right away, let the hunters find me (near a big wildlife if I can manage) and give a strike to one or two of them. Then stage up, armor up again, and find a good spot to finish them off.