I Think I'm Back


Well I think it’s time to get back into Evolve again but not just on PS4 this time but also PC. Currently out of the country though so I’m unable to play one of my favorite games of all time in its new stage.


Yes! I wondered where you got to!


Welcome back!! :smiley:


Lol Smite is an addicting game for me right now. The out of the country thing is only for vacation which started on July 2nd and I’ll be back the 15th. I’ve played a lot of games since Evolve but none have ever made me as happy. I kinda miss it and I’m glad it’s getting a revamp.


I knew we were missing someone!


Yeah you guys were missing that Spanish guy whose name no one can pronounce so they just call him Los which means “The” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Sall - (Like stall but drop the T)

Is this right?


Lol more or less yeah but remember rolling the r’s is something people have trouble with


Welcome back!! :smiley:


Smite isn’t worth it bud :wink: