I think I need to admit: I gave up on Evolve



I’d like to start this topic with a little disclaimer. This is not one of these topics where a disgruntled users says the developer let them down, they are shitty, and DLC is scam, or to shame the devs for making “OP” characters.

I’ve always been a huge fan of this game, and I was here when we were anticipating the release and I was being happy that l4d got some sort of a spiritual successor, and we know the game turned out to be its completely own thing and you can’t really compare the 2, which is good ofcourse. Bought the PC monster edition and was enthousiastic to get into it and I thought over time I’d improve and not lose so much matches.

I just need to say: “Evolve is too much for me”. 3 months later and I’m still losing 90% of my matches even in solo or in coop., so I uninstalled making the decision that I guess I’m just too “casual” for it.

The reason I make this topic is to “think out loud” for myself , to reflect off the developers the unique problems I have as a visually impaired person, and also to see what everyone thinks in terms of what they can stand as “coop member”. Cause I hardly wanted to try even a coop evacuation campaign, cause I feel I’d be the underperforming “weak link” in the team. And I’m a huge coop fan, so it’s kind of a let down to notice I don’t achieve fun in this game.

I’ve given it a positive review, I stand by that still, I’ve defended the devs and I stil see it’s a great game that just shows quality design both visually and in the mechanics department.

I always give feedback to studios in terms of engaging coop mechanics. I think that coop mechanic should be rewarding and engaging, and that’s certainly the case with this game as everyone gets their owxn role and needs to be on their toes to perform that role to the max. And some roles require you to ALWAYS be aware where you are and where other teammembers are.

This prooved to be problematic with my kind of eyeseight, So I finally come to the point and try to illustrate what my problem with evolve is

  1. Dark organic landscapes.

You know how in the left 4 dead campaign no mercy, there’s a city landscape. This has advantages for me, corners, alleys, buildings, architecture is predictable, it’s squares or ractangles, there’s defined corners and layout.

In evolve, you have nothing but natural habitat. That is ofcourse the nature of the game as it is on a strange semi unhospitable planet and the world needs to reflect that. But it’s also mostly dark and low contrast, that means the mountains, ways to escape, elevetion height differences are always unpredictable in all situation. Because it’s part of the DNA for how the monster battles take place.

However with my kind of eyesight, it becomes difficult to focus on, because, - and these are the next points -

  1. monster speed
    To me, it’s as if the monster is everywhere as once. They all move so fast, and to compensate, the team has to move fast AND know where everyone is, and know how much health everyone is, and know what the monster is going o do to one of your team. It happen so fast that it doesn’t register for me. My eyesight problem is called nystagmus and my eye always twitches, which means I have difficulties to focus. This means that I have to always see where a target is or I loose it, but I need to pay attention to so much targets (especially as medic) that I loose sight of it all, and that is a cruicial mistake you shouldn’t make in evolve because…

  2. damage and opportunities everywhere
    A monster (especially bot monster) constantly damages you while it jumps quickly from place to place. The situation changes all the time and you need to re-coordinate all the time. I get that mechanic, but again, Specificly in Evolve, I can’t keep up with it. It’s like I’m dead in 3 smashes while I even try to look at a medic that I want to heal them.

You need to reorganize yourself to anticipate for all the leaps, and split second moves that monsters can make and, then the supports will have all these utiliteis , and trappers will place all these things, suddenly there’s a myriad of things you need to pay attention to while the fast paced action still requires you to reposition, to rethink your situation, are you up a mountain ? Where is bucket’s head ? Where is sunny’s shield generator, oh its down… and I am as well…

If a game becomes difficult like that, I’m mostly forced in one role, and I think in evolve that is assault, because I am the one who can pay attention to one target only, while others need to support this by giving me heals and shield. They have it harder, they need to be aware of the monster constantly AND know what I’m doing. But I don’t feel great in this role. If assault is the only thing I can play in this game, I feel that I’m no use to my team and I feel I’m not completely playing it like it should, so I’m always the one slacker that has to choose assault , and it becomes a bit rough on my sense of pride, so I uninstalled the game.

It’s very very difficult for me to anticipate on where to even place my mines as markov, will the monster get there ? Oh, but NOW the situation changes and I nee to help my medic who is almost down so I start using my lightning gun and dance around the monster, only for him to appear after me and give me a charge and I’m down, and my bots will just fail 100% certainly.

The gameplay is fast paced and everyone’s involvement is so incredibly crucial that this combination becomes “deadly” for me. It’s like I can’t keep up with the action, and this is already lasting for 3 months. I’m making a move while the speed of the monster, organization of the team, setup of utillities already required me to think 3 step ahead and do something else and poof, i’m down :stuck_out_tongue:

If you could do a timescale 0.5 , I think I could handle it better :). And I don’t blame the developer for making such a game, it will just not be for everyone. If you know the fact that I got quite good in coop games in DOTA 2 even, then that is said much. I can play more heroes, I’m quite proficient at viper, witch doctor, litch, spirit breaker, death prophet, phantom assassin, drow ranger, sven, and I’m not even losing 10% of coop bot matches on hard.

Losing one match in a while isn’t bad, but losing nearly all of em 3 months later in the case of evolve, then there’s a problem, and I know that problem is me, and so I hope you didn’t mind me to vent off of this and see where the problem is, analyzing my personal shortcomings and how it reflects on a landscape of games that have increasingly sophisticated gameplay.

I love playing firefall, heroes of the storm is my new allround moba, it’s casual to get into, but it can get very strategic but isn’t as unforgiving as evolve. I think that adding the 3d dimension to “ability” games might be a bit too crazy for me, because you need to be aware of that extra dimension,

Wheras in killing floor, left 4 dead, dota, hots, firefall, the situation is more 2 dimensional. Chosen in firefall aren’t really fast paced and you always know their position. In HOtS, your team coordinates on a horizontal plain, in left 4 dead, it’s the same: zombies attack you from left , right, front or back.

But In evolve, you’re on a mountain, suddenly having acition below where the monster is attacking a support , while the medic is behind you on a higher mountain, almost being dead… what to do, not enough time to coordinate, suddenly the monster is on top of you, oh… he used his leap smash ability ? The medic is lying on her ass near a bigmouth, and I get smashed to death because I try to see how the situaation has changed and can’t coordinate quickly enough and take action based on where the monster is, because I’m concentrating on my team.

So, Game over. (and it hurts, to see that I have to give up on a game that I love)


Sorry to hear that, hopefully you’ll have better luck in future gaming endeavours


Sorry to hear, CosmicD. :frowning: :cry:

I’m still hoping that TRS will reclaim the L4D IP and make the 3rd game. Even if they don’t, I can’t wait to see what their next game will be all about. Although, we are probably not gonna see a new game by TRS in a very long time, with their focus being on Evolve and all. (Which I don’t mind at all)

Perhaps TRS will publish Leap sheep 2? Iunno. xD

In any case, best of luck @CosmicD. As @Magik_boom already said, hopefully you’ll have better luck in future gaming endeavours

@SlabOMeat Please have Leap sheep next charity stream. :wink:



Thank you.

Wasn’t there talk that they would collaborate with valve on l4d3 ? I’ve got a huge amount of hours in left 4 dead, 6000+ , so needles to say I was a fan and was also reasonably good in expert. I just don’t play competitive because I feel that to relax , I don’t have to be competitive, and also ofcourse I factor in my eyeseight problem for that :).

But I read in an article on valvetmedotnet that @macman told that if there’s a new l4d, it would be more like evolve… But I silently (or not so silently) hope it won’t be this unforgiving. I’m all for strategic coop , but I hope I’ll be able to handle it.

Lucky I’ve got othe games that I can play in levels that are satisfactory for me :smile:


I’m happy to necro this topic now. As I was really a bit dissapointed that the game was so tough, although it was MY OWN call for buying the monste edition. I realy was tormented between the fact that the idea and environment and sci fi feel was simply breathtaking and amazing, and then … not being able to enjoy this very hard and unforgiving game.

I can now rejoice that they’ll make the game more casual and it will have a second life aand I might be able to convince more people to play with me :slight_smile:


Does that mean you’re back? :slight_smile: If so, welcome back to the family!


Try the game again. Some of what you mention has been changed now. The game is all new…come back to it and give it a second shot.


I want to try, and see if the crucial obstacles have been somehow eased. It will also help if it’s f2p so I can play with some buddies who would refuse to buy the game because they heard “bad things” so I’m for sure gonna try!


Sorry, just noted the time of the OP, heh. I hope you like the new Stage 2 Evolve!


I loved Caira and … the russian guy and the robot, they were amazing characters and cool to play, it’s just that when you always loose again and again , and when that one crucial misplacment or downage of a medic could destroy the team, that was not really what was in the brochure for me for everlasting fgun, that’s where the double feeling came from.


I’m pretty sure jimmies were rustled from reading this title even though the update only just came out. I assumed the worst but I see that wasn’t the case. Welcome back to evolve and I look forward to seeing plenty of other old players returning.


In order to not cause more confusion, heh, I hope you don’t mind me closing this. Thanks for coming back and look forward to having you on the forums more!