I think I may have broken my Wraith



For those of you who can’t watch the video, here’s the story so you’re not out of the loop :wink:

This is the tale of a monster named Wraith.

Wraith was a lonely monster who only wanted to find companionship on the cold, sad, and very lonely planet called Shear. She had attempted to befriend some strange meatbags who lived in mysteriously large, yet shiny, objects. But sadly, accidents were common for the Wraith and she soon found those meatbags always finding ways to flail themselves onto her massive blades. Upon coming to another unfortunate accident, Wraith saw something she had never seen before far into the distance.

Excited with meeting something new, the Wraith warped as fast as she could to meet her possibly new companion. She was so excited that she somehow burst into a field of pure energy, and could only watch her new friend fall over just like the meatbags before. She tried what she could to stimulate her fallen companion, but it was all for naught. The Wraith then saw another thing off in the distance which looked exactly like her new friend. Perchance they knew why her friend was not moving!

She warped once more and tried to communicate with the thing, but shortly thereafter the Wraith found herself coming to a full stop. She couldn’t fathom what was happening, as everything which made up reality came to a complete stop.

Little did the Wraith know that when she had warped after the last meatbag, it was so fast that she had broken the space time continuum. When she warped once more, after her friends demise, she herself became subjected to the whims of the broken world. She may have met some new friends, but she will never be able to talk to them, play with them, or go on high adventures with them. The Wraith was now forever stuck in time; forever frozen in that one moment where all she wanted to do was make a friend on the world of Shear.

Her final thought as her consciousness left was her unconditional anxiety about her one dear friend, the Canyon Strider.


This is some epic ****


So beautiful!


Aw man! tear


Looks like you may have lost connection to the game. Nothing was moving other than yourself.