I think I figured out the problem with tier 4 hunters


The reason they are so overpowered(and they are overpowered, that’s a fact) is that they have no cooldowns, and that ruins the whole concept of tactics for a monster.


At the moment, Slim does way too much DPS, while I think his damage is fine. His spore gun completely destroys monster’s ability to focus anyone in nearly every place on the map, 100% of the time.

Leech Gun -> Increase magazine from 8 to 16 and give it a 8-10 sec recharge. 16 shots will give you 3-5 healing bursts, depending on aim.
Spore gun -> Give it a 5 second duration with 10 second cooldown. This should be a tool to help focused hunter escape, not make the monster full out blind 100% of the time in every fight.

This change would make Slim much less spammy and would force players to think about what to use and when, same as other medics.


At the moment, Sunny can deploy drones way too often, forcing a monster to do nothing but destroy shield drones in every fight. Her DPS is also way too high.

Mininuke -> Increase reload time by 100%, increase blast radius by 25%.
Shield Drone -> Give it a 10 second cooldown, which starts once existing drone is destroyed.

This change would make Sunny feel less like 2 supports, and the mini nuke would not be so spammy.


At the moment, Gobi completely removes monster’s ability to juke the hunters and the stasis gun’s charged shot lasts too long while being impossible to shake off.

Stasis Gun -> Reduce the duration of charged slow by 30-50%.
Gobi -> Give it a 10 second cooldown, which starts after Gobi returns.

This change would force crow to choose whether to keep the monster slowed and deal less damage or only deal high damage, and would make it possible for the monster to lose the hunters once found without the need to run half a map away from them first.


At the moment, Torvald can dish out too much damage by using Shotgun/Mortar by shoot/switch/shoot/switch combo. No other assault has potential DPS as high as him. His Mortar is also has way too high damage.

Shotgun ->Reduce fire rate by 25%, reduce reload by 50%.
Mortar -> Reduce damage by 50%, reduce cooldown by 25%.

This change would force Torvald to choose whether to primarily deal damage with Mortar or Shotgun, without letting him use both at the same time without it affecting the DPS of either weapon.

All proposed changes start off from where T4 hunters are currently, ignoring any possible patches intended for them.

I feel like these changes would add some skill requirement, tactical preparation for T4 hunters while still keeping them just as powerful. At the moment, they are all way too spammy with their abilities(which I think are fine on their own, but can be used way too often).

Any opinions?


Only T4 Hunter that needs a slight nerf is Robocop.


I think the only T4 hunter that is not that bad is Crow. If he gets nerfed at all it will be very small, maybe they would give a little cd on Gobi. I still think the the damage nerf on slim, and sunny will help.


So I agree with your premise and some of your proposed fixes.

Slim -> Agreed here, especially for spore gun.

Sunny -> Mininuke change I could get behind. Bit more AoE but a much longer cooldown to make each shot feel important. Shield drone…10 seconds is pretty major, I would just reduce the rate at which the shield charges and since it won’t start shielding until has charged 20% that will also increase the cooldown between shields.

Crow -> I actually think Crow is fine tbh with you. The Gobi change would take a niche skill and make it useless since the highlight doesn’t last very long and his cone of vision is super small. Certain monsters are perhaps too susceptible to Crow imo (Goliath and Behemoth). I think he should need to reload after charged shots instead of having such a large clip.

Torvald -> Mortars should have either a cooldown increase (punishes misses more) or less damage (landing mortars is not as rewarding). I’d rather keep them as a high damage hard to hit skill though.

Shotgun change I agree with. And I agree with the idea that it shouldn’t be so easy to keep nearly 100% uptime on Torvald’s weapons.

And yes, they are spammy overall. They feel too easy to play as well, there isn’t as much cooldown management on any of them.


Slim- I think his leech gun is more or less fine, maybe could use a damage nerf (but also adjust the healing burst to need less damage, so the same amount of bursts could be used per clip). The spore gun I agree with though, mostly. I think the current time (10 sec?) is fine, but there should be a 10-15 sec CD. So at least he can only have one cloud (they really are pretty small) at a time.

Sunny- I like these suggestions. I have yet to fight her as a monster, so idk how she is from that side. I will say though that the drones have to fully charge after being placed before they begin shielding, which is a CD in its own way (except the monster can already begin destroying it while it’s charging).

Crow- I like crow as he is. Gobi works fine I think, though maybe he could deal with a flight range nerf. And there is a small CD in place with him already. Like @FrontlinerDelta said, a reload after each charge shot would be okay I suppose. I really do think he’s fine as he is though.

Torvald- his mortars are difficult to aim and really only punish a stationary monster. The real thing that needs addressing is his grenade. Didn’t we just go over how hydes grenade needed to be proximity based, because otherwise they were useless? Can’t hit a kraken or a monster jumping around. I say make his shrapnel grenades proximity based, and then turn down the damage from his mortars


Gobi isn’t as hard to counter as everyone makes him out to be, you just gotta change direction and zig-zag around rocks so that he can’t head straight for you. Once you see you’re not glowing green you just gotta change direction and make Crow thing you’re going the way you were heading when you were highlighted.


Yes, don’t stand still so much and eat the mortars. Simple as that. Most monsters doesn’t seem to understand the concept. When bombs start to rain down, try and not be there. Met plenty of monsters that can avoid the mortars quite well. Bobing and weaving around the dome all the time. Only real reason why Torvald is any good is that he can actually do damage at range unlike the other assaulters. But a constant movement will mitigate most of it, unless you are predictable.

Wraiths abduct is always a no-no when facing Torvald. Rock throw should be used after a mortar strike instead of just spamming it on CD. The days of jumping around the dome without fear of assault getting to you is over.


Crow is balanced.
If Gobi is giving you problems its becuase your not putting terrain (the orange blobs on the minimap) between you and the hunters.

Sunny definitely needs her nuke reload increased.
The drone is so exploitable its hilarious.

Slim just needs a slight DPs Nerf. His spore gun isn’t that big of an issue, because if his riding it then he’s not healing well. If anything they can reduce how long the clouds last. But that’s all I’d do for it.

Torvald needs more cooldown on his mortars.

That’s all I see. Making these sweeping changes like people suggest is a good way to quickly ruin characters.


And in those eight seconds the Monster will have a field day. One second without heals is enough for a lot of damage. Two seconds? That’s a kill. And it’s not like with Lazarus either, because Slim doesn’t revive without strikes.

In all my time fighting Tier 4 Hunters I’ve never had to destroy a shield drone. They’re easy to work around. A bit of a CD would be good though.

Her DPS isn’t too high, but it does need to be looked at.

This is a HUGE nerf…I don’t think this is a good idea. Torvald will be literally useless.

His Shotgun has never been that bad.

Disagree. Gobi has insane tunnel vision. It’s easy to fool him if you use the terrain- just get walls between you and Crow’s lost you.

This is a huge nerf. The Stasis Gun is rather difficult to land shots with- they move very slowly- so I don’t think so. Plus, Crow’s CC has never seemed to be much of an issue.


I’m failing to see any “problems”… I have no trouble against T4. I think I have more trouble playing AS T4 than playing against them. Also, these nerfs you’re suggesting are HUGE! Like, Jesus Christ, you just traded in your Nerf-Hammer for a Nerf-Cannon!


Pfft haha, no just no… the only changes needed are the damage decreases that are already incoming.


T4 is ok, except for sunny, she outclasses the other supports in most aspects, the others only need a very very small dps nerf


OP, your changes would leave the T4 hunters in hilariously weak states. I would honestly run a team of Hank, Daisy, and Caira over your entire suggested lineup. Let’s go down them one by one.

Slim: You’re recommending leaving Slim with 8-10 second periods where he is literally incapable of doing anything in combat. Per clip. It would take, at worst, 8-10 seconds to empty a 16 shot clip if you’re taking it very slowly. Then you’d spore gun and then… what, exactly? You can’t toss a bug on someone taking damage. Slim would be a bigger joke than Lazarus and Bucket put together ever were.

Sunny: Sunny needs a damage nerf, yes. A small one. In fact, she’s getting one in the first micropatch, as I understand it. She doesn’t, however, need her damage cut in half. Her shield drone’s AI is easy to exploit and I’ve never found it particularly reliable.

Crow: Crow’s fine as he is. All the trappers are fairly well balanced. Gobi’s CD is equal to the amount of time he spent away from you; he doesn’t need any more. The charged slow isn’t half as painful as harpoons.

Torvald: Given that shotgun and mortar both have very fast reloads already, and that ideal use is to alternate between them, your suggested changes would simply cut his damage output by 40%ish, putting him below every other assault and most supports. Except for Sunny, because your proposed changes would have hit hers even harder.

TLDR: Your suggestions are terrible.


The issue with Crow is his slow gun. Its a bit too OP in its duration. I feel the hunter Slows (Val, Abe, Crow) should be pulled from 10-sec to 8-sec. Its subtle, but it would offer a bit more balancing


Crow is balanced.

I just don’t get how Monsters manage to be so bad against him sometimes. You stay near one spot, I’ll keep tagging you and eventually dome you. You zigzag, it’s up to my eyes, and these things are deceiving.


And make Crow completely useless…

Sorry, but no, Gobi can’t find the monster, so he NEED to be spammy, a 10 second cooldown will remove his tracking and keep him as the worst trapper’s tool to find the monster…


I figured it out too. They are easy to use, so more random players play them without completly missing the point of their class, leading to less clueless victims in pub games.


slim does not do that much damage sunny drone has to recharge and is easy to destroy gobi does not need a 10 sec cooldown thats hes only way of finding the monster the mininuke already fells long after its reload oyu have to wait a few secs to shoot it slim healing is only a little bit of healing and is the only thing he can heal himself by his spore gun is fine unless your blind as a bat and cant see the hunters and all you have to do is just move the cloud and it lasts like 10 secs