I think i am too bad for this game. Anyone else from monsters feels like total loser?


Was waiting for Evolve since the announce date, because it promised to be a rare thing - online actiong game when you can play SOLO, that was the only thing i wanted from all online games, so i spend year on colleting money to buy this game.

Was is what i expected? Yes. Not quite, ofc - i expected more hiding and usable environment like in l4d, but… game was fine even without it. And also it looks just great. But i still cannot play it. Why? I tried to analize it, and the only possible reason i came out with is: i am too bad for this game and players who playing it.

The thing is - i cannot win games. Or, to be true - i can win against solo players (and only in hunt. in evacuation, for example, i still cannot realize how can i win deffend map with wrath or goliath. and behemoth is just a beating bag in my hands - i must be really horrible player), but when i meet pre-made team, where all members are playing good - i have no chances of winning.

See, i believe that this game should be ballanced well. I don’t know for sure, but i do trust dev’s on this one.
What good ballance means? It means that if a single hunter making a mistake - whole team are doomed, if monster will not make a mistake too, ofc. Hunters need all 4 players to play perfectly to win - and monster needs only to play good himself, and not depend on others. But, if all 4 hunters are playing perfectly - monster still having a chance, right?

And i am not that kind of monster. I am weak, and i do not have any chances. Pre-made players, who knows the map are just splitting in teams of 2 players to cut off al the escape routes, they travel fast and deny most of the feeding attempts, they see you in the bushes even when they have no vision on you and you can barely see yourself behind those grass. They cut off all escape routes, and not letting you evolve to thrid stage. They abusing bird and dust to not let you hide anywhere. And even if you do evolve…

Well, in my last 2 games i was thrown to human team. We was against wraith, and we could not catch him at all - he always evaded dome, and we had no dust\bird in team (wierd. almost everyone uses those two). So he fed and evolved for free. Then he came on our relay, and quess what? We devastated him without a single loss. He could not britch all the heals, shields, and jetpack manuvers.
Then i finaly got the monster role, and played against same team i just defeated (previous monster joined them). Quess what? I lost almost the same way. I fed almost for free, evolved, and… when i took one of them down (pretty fast, lost only my shields) they started healing and shielding him while he was on the ground, and i lost 60^% of my total hp while i was bringing him to the final death. Then i did the same with other one, but i got only 5% hp left - while i tried to chase someone who had jetpack boost, heals, shields, they never stoped shooting. And i lost. To the team that wasn’t even a full premade. With lvl3 monster (that should have huge advantage on the hunters!!!).
And those system that keeps throwing me in ongoing games as a hunter in 100% of first search games makes me feel even more sad.

Here i realize that i am a total loser and will not win any kind of serious battle in this game.
And i really regreat that i spend all the money i collected in last year to buy Evolve, when i could buy MKX and enjoy the solo play there.
Not because this game is bad. Game is great, and it is exacly what i expected.
But i am the one who is bad here. Too bad to win any decent match.
There is no specific reason why i am writing this. I just feeling so sad - it’s like to buy cool shoes and then realize that you have no legs to wear it.
Am i the only one who could not handle this game, or maybe there is other losers like me?


This would make me very sad as well… but I wouldn’t be worried about the $60 I spent on the shoes.


I think you may need to learn when to retreat as monster. You mentioned taking one of them down when you were stage three then camping his body to get the kill, and you lost 60% of your health doing that. Instead of camping the body, start attacking the other hunters or retreat to armor up.

Not sure if that will be helpful. I hope you stick with it! Coming to the forums was a smart move. :slight_smile:


I personally struggle against premades, but I just look at it is a challenge ^-^
Its those matches where they push me to my limitations, I lose, and i lose, and lose more, but its fine. Losing is part of it. But you get better ^-^ Now I can hold my own against some of these tough little hunters. Do i lose? Yep. 40 deaths in. Not all of them very glorious -.-
But it happens ^-^
Just keep pushin forward, try out something new, take different routes, just Try
Keep pushin bud, you’ll find your sunshine eventually :monster:


Don’t beat yourself up. We were all there in the same spot not long ago. You just have to get the rhythm, pick your targets and go after them. The team getting great shields? Go for support. They have an awesome healer? Deny them their medic. I typically play assault, I try to get the monster’s attention on me so I deal the damage and take the hits while getting the heals and support from those roles. So when I’m monster, I typically don’t go after assault first. I wait until healer or support are down before going after them.

You’ll get better. I will say, pre made teams are the hardest teams to beat. However, they are usually the ones that split up the most too. Take advantage of the 2v1s or even a 1v1 when assault or trapper over extend themselves.


That is because you not living in Ukraine, not having war around, and that 60$ are not your month income.
But, in fact, with current price on uah my is even something like 45$.
That is why i feel sad. Usually i cannot buy a new game every year.


I still play the game the way it was sold to me: hide and seek with a fair fight at S2… But that was a lie. Its a run and eat and run and get to S3 and make no mistake or you are fucked cos its a hunter favored game. Against premade.
Against pub I win with some decent challenge sometimes but it feels empty since I know they werent playing good…
So I feel sad too, cos the game has become this. No hide and seek. No fair fight at S2. Fair fight is at S3. And reaching S3 against premade is a perma “avoid spam” chase.


If i do not finish the hunter - those healing grenades will wake him up before i even reach other hunter.

Tips will not help… I tried EVERYITHING already.


I am just saying that I would be more sad that I didn’t have legs than wasting my $60 on shoes.


Killing the Hunter isn’t important, what’s important is that you’ve permanently reduced that Hunter’s health. The next time you fight, that Hunter will be easier to incap, and if you do incap them a second time, they’ll die instantly once you take out all of their health. It’s not a matter of fighting once and winning, it’s a battle of attrition and a long as you’re getting strikes whilst minimizing health damage you’ll win.


Think of stage 2 as a time to attack, not a time to win. Get the strikes against hunters. It is even, but the battle can tip in either direction very quickly. After you get one or two incapacitated, run and armor up/evolve. Stage 3 win will be easier now because of those strikes from stage 2.


I played since first alpha. I was right in the same spot, like others.
And if i did not learn yet, when i already tried every possible tactic - i will never learn, sadly. I know this because i know how much i need to master the game - i played a lot of online games in my life, and i know for sure when to quit.
As for your tip - they usually have everything. And that is the real problem. You go for one - there is always someone who will help him.
And i am not even trying to talk about any monster expect Wraith, because they just not surviving to stage 3 against premades.


No shit! Thx for the tips!!!


What was your skill build?

Stage 3 Monsters do have a huge advantage, but there is still a skill to using their abilities in tandem that needs to be learned.

If you stick with it, maybe watch how other Monsters play, you are likely to improve and start winning more often.

Ironically, playing as Hunter for awhile can give you good insights into optimal Monster play - in time you will see the good, the bad, and the ugly among Monster players.

For combat advice, most Monsters have a way of pressuring other Hunters while being in range to damage a downed Hunter.

Goliath can jump, rock throw, or leap smash to a downed Hunter from some distance.

Blink and Warp Blast positioning work well with Wraith.

Kraken’s range makes this generally easy, but situationally Aftershock is amazing at stopping pick me ups.

Behemoth…well, I guess you can Lava Bomb them and go do something else.

That said you need to know when you aren’t getting the momentum you need, and how to evade and retreat when that happens.

The number one, biggest mistake for Monsters in my opinion is picking a fight that goes bad and sticking with it anyway.


Had the same feeling. No matter how much i tried to hide, they always finding my exact bush, like they know for sure… how? If they do not even have the vision on me?
And if they do… one minute tracking darts, dust, bird! Chase never ends for me, until i die or they die. Not a singe chance to hide. And with new hunters came another way to reveal hiding spots.


I quess i didn’t mention that this was already a relay fight, and i evolved without fighting them?
What “next fight” should i wait, if i locked inside the doom, and there is countdown before i lose the game?
Yes, yes, i am losing at stage 3 after they giving me a free evolves. That’s how bad i am.


I can see that. To use another game as an example, Mortal Kombat is a game I love but suck at. I can’t get combos, I fail at blocking/breaking combos. I feel like my skill at that game plateaued long ago, but I still play it, making the same mistakes.

But somewhere inside me I feel like I could be better if I practiced more. Learned all the combos and special moves and know what works well. I just don’t have the time for that. So I’ll blissfully struggle up the ladder and have rage inducing fun while doing it.


Well they just have to spot every bush until the dot gets red… which doesn’t make much sense imo… Red spots should only occure at sight but I guess thats a hard one to code…


Being bad as monster is one thing. Game being hunter favored is another one.
You can become a very good monster. You will get reckt against a very good hunter team. That’s the issue right now…


Pretty much this. It’s all about trading those permanent strikes on the Hunters for your health bars. Just gotta learn when you can actually make a decent trade and when to evade/retreat. These days I down the Hunters about 3 times each until I win with Wraith. With some Monsters and in some situations you just have to trade too much health to kill a downed Hunter to make it worth considering.

Any Monster can, though Behemoth is probably the worst at getting to stage 3 against premades currently. Just gotta keep your expectations down. If your not a very good player you just won’t win against better ones, simple as that. Might as well take the loss like a gentleman and try again in a new lobby against a pug. Or just take a break until the ranked mode is hopefully out in a few weeks.

If you can’t juke/sneak against certain comps, you might as well practise stage 1,2,3 fights against different bots in solo until you always come out ahead of those fights and than try to get back in the multiplayer.

And the timing out is part of the game. Gotta either be faster at evolving or winning more fights before the relay end game.