I Think Games Journalists Re-Vamped The DLC Controversy


Turtlerock clearly stated that these characters weren’t in the pipeline weren’t going to be developed very well articulated for everyone tracking the game’s progress why that was the case.

In this instance I’m reminded by GamerGate that Games Journalists are not gamer’s friends, they’re competing forces one trying to dominate the other, gamers self educating vrs being taught a message.

In this case I see an adversarial role towards both gamers, and game creator here, because they’ve re-promoted the controversy of the DLC after I feel the natural lull of the topic had subsided.

I want additional content for this game as a gamer…Game dev’s want to be able to make that content without a backlash from the situation not being perfect for the consumer.

I’m not going to say that there wasn’t going to be a mob of new uninformed folks, but the perceptions that they’d have had would’ve been addressed by going to the root source and seeing the dev’s thoughts, and limitations on the subject.

AAA games are expensive, AAA game studios are bulking as **** and can’t just sit on their thumbs deciding how they’re going to spend those man hours.

I feel like this entire controversy is bullshit that games journalists flung at the game after all of the media money spent on coverage was spent…and they still wanted to exploit all the attention they’d funneled at the game…so what do you get?

A bullshit piece of controversy spun up and re-dished to people wanting to get angry at a game company making the only logical decision they could make to produce additional content within their limitations.


You argument makes entirely too much sense, you’re obvious a 2K plant! :boar:


Mailing list or not, $15 for a single playable character is $15 for a single playable character.


A character thats adds at least a day and a half of total playtime to get all the unlocks for it. This on top of the fact that we get free maps which is what the character price is making up for


Pls no gamergate nonsense invading this forum D:



A lot of SJW around?

Can you guys not take a reference at face value instead of derailing this entire thing?

Isn’t it patently obvious that media companies spin things to stir up controversy?

CNN and airplanes…its all the same.


i didint understand what you mean by this?

So League of legends you get one champion for about 8-10dollars you would think its harder to make a monster/hunters fo this game.


Trust me, I’m no SJW. But GG isn’t even relevant on these forums, the kind of corruption GG is against is stuff like a site letting a long time friend of a developer of a game where you walk around and interpret some super easy clues review said game for them, just by coincidence it’s a 10/10 despite anybody who isn’t part of that gigantic friend circle saying the game is awful. But I’m getting off topic, as are you by mentioning GG.

While the journos have let bias get in the way and provided some misinformation they’re hardly giving game of the year to a game that only sold 1.1 million copies in it’s opening weekend, being outsold by a figurine for another game.


League of Legends, like all MOBAs is awful. Pretty much every aspect of it, I don’t even know how there DLC works but it’s owned by a corporation more consumer unfriendly than four EAs.

LoL is nothing to take an example off or to base any argument comparing another game to it, in fact what you are implying is that 2K is being worse than Tencent.

@Colin_Swan I understand that it takes days of play to grind out all the unlocks for the characters otherwise the modern audience would lose interest if flashing stars weren’t being presented to them, but if this were a few years ago I kind of get the fleeting suspicion that the character would be cheaper (if not free) and/or included with other characters.


Sure, if the content had already been produced, which it hasn’t – this is not a case of Day One DLC, this is a case of a publisher announcing post-release DLC content before the public was ready to hear about it.

I must say, I don’t believe it’s the media to blame here, but the comments sections in gaming media. The amount of misinformation that’s being spread around and the assumptions being made are just this brushfire under any article about this game. If I were a conspiracy nut, I would think that these are paid trolls doing most of this work. We had the head of TRS make a public statement, and the comments section cries “bullshit.” They can’t win. At any rate, there are eleven days left, we don’t need any more about this topic. The game will sink or swim on its own.


I actually challenge you to find me a $15 DLC containing something of equal or less content to behemoth that was released before 2009.


I don’t think that’s fair as the economy was definitely different then – how much was the Mass Effect 2 expansion? Doesn’t the average map pack for COD cost like $20, and aren’t you locked out of those maps if you don’t own them? Don’t you only get them discounted if you buy a Season Pass? No one NEEDS Behemoth or T4 Hunters to enjoy this game. Maps and future game modes are free. TRS gets no credit for the efforts they have made, and $15 for what turns into tens of hours of play (for those who buy it) and new tactical situations for anyone who plays (whether they own the content or not), that seems reasonable to me. I’ve paid more than $15 for my Godzilla figurines, and those come out of a mold press on an assembly line. They are not created by teams of artists, designers, and programmers over the course of several months to the tune of $300k +.


The reference to GG is that awakening to the concept that…the relationship between gamer and game journalists isn’t just like buddy buddy, there are different motivating factors.

This is the same thing. I think they covered the game along with the game advertising itself, got a lot of attention swirling around it, and then re-vamped the dlc controversy.

The DLC thing was already well explained before it got press focus pushed back onto it.

Now the press seems to do this bait and switch where now they informed the new group of people right before launch, with this DLC non-thing, and woah people are bitching.

Its as though the media exploited this to their put them in a situation to maybe eek out more money from 2k so that they get paid to explain away the controversy on their own media platforms…huh, not really friendly right?

Now you’ve got a sort of re-look at that relationship between g-journalists, and game makers, and understand that they’re not really motivated by the same factors, and address the bullshit that just went on.


To some degree it is the in vogue method of click baiting as well



If you are seriously crediting video games being better value during the 2000’s and before to the economy then you should realise that the value of the dollar at any point during the 2000’s was even 40 cents more than today, that kind of inflation affects the housing market not video games.

Again, just because I disagree with one thing you like it doesn’t mean I agree with another thing that you don’t like, I don’t even like either of those games, let alone their business practises.

Extra content might be sliiiiightly appreciated though.

I know, this is a nice thing, however I’m talking about the $15 for one character right now.

I have been following this game since E3 and been on the forums since the big alpha, if you caught me on almost any of those days, especially that awesome December when they just kept rolling out stuff like T3 and new modes I’d of said only positive things about the game. Believe me, TRS are honest devs who have made a great game and I’m glad they will continue to support it, I’m just saying that the $15 for one character ordeal and the people saying there’s no problem is little aggravating and concerning.

I’m sure Behemoth will be a blast, but couldn’t 2K/TRS sacrifice a little green so people didn’t have to pay $15 (which is a lot if you’re smart with your money) to play him.

Ahhh yes gamers are often thrilled about playing against players who have something they don’t have because those players paid for it.

To each their own, I’m just trying to look at this objectively.

Good for you

At least they actually require physical materials to recreate and not just changing something in some file so that someone can play the character.

Those mold magic their way into shape and then the fairies paint them?

Well you probably know more about that stuff then me, I’ve never bothered with memorabilia. Either way we’re talking about the $15 for one character DLC, that is very different than some toys.


You keep saying $15 for Behemoth is steep. But they have been up front about the cost. They have offered people chances to play the game. And they are offering it for free if you pre-order. Is pre-ordering such a big deal when you know what you are getting in the game?


I really hate when people do this line-by-line breakdown – it’s condescending and makes it so much more difficult to respond.

That $300k figure is to create one creature in EVOLVE. Those figurines are mostly painted by machine, with very small details, if any, being painted by hand. That is not the same as a team of artists working on a virtual product. I would argue that since the virtual creature is interactive, that’s far more valuable than an action figure with six moving parts that sits on a shelf.

You may be unaware that the economy affects people who have to buy things like food and pay their bills as well, so when there’s less money in the pool, companies dial down their profit margins in order to maximize sales, at least for things like virtual entertainment.

[quote=“Puggerugger, post:16, topic:30544”]
Again, just because I disagree with one thing you like it doesn’t mean I agree with another thing that you don’t like, I don’t even like either of those games, let alone their business practises.
[/quote]You flat out deflected here. You asked me to name a DLC that cost around $15 around 2009. Just because you don’t like the game, that doesn’t invalidate my example.

[quote=“Puggerugger, post:16, topic:30544”]
Those mold magic their way into shape and then the fairies paint them?
[/quote]Supercalifragilisticexpialidobnoxious response.

I pre-ordered, so I’ve already decided the value of this stuff, and I’m looking forward, and will gladly pay for, their fifth creature creation.


So as long as people make their price clear they can charge whatever they want without reasonable backlash? So I could sell a book for $30 and whenever someone complained I could just say “hey now, I’m being up front with my price.”

I’ll give out some extracts of my $30 book for a couple weeks too if it means I’ll get away with the price

Yeah it’s free, except the £35-£59 you need to pay to get this bargain.
“Buy our product before release without any proper reviews or you might miss out!”

Sounds like an honest business practise

I didn’t even mention pre-ordering and I don’t entirely understand what you are trying to say here. I never expected I wouldn’t get the game if I pre-ordered if that’s what you mean.


Lol my whole point was if you preorder it is free. In response to your request to make behemoth free. And they have been upfront so you know what you’re getting if you do preorder. You’re going way off on wild tangents.