I think Evolve would be better without Elder Kraken


Elder Kraken is just broken. Whenever someone picks EK, its already over. Defend is the WORST. Might as well not play…


I think he’s a little strong in the Death Spiral right now, but I think he’s fine conceptually.


I still beat him quite a bit. Just takes some getting used too. He’s too strong but he for sure isn’t unstoppable.


its very tough when its a pouncing Kraken


That’s what friends are for! :slight_smile:
Stay in line of sight.


I agree.

He is what Kraken looks like in up-close combat. He ignores terrain since he can fly. His banshee missile is a shotgun ability that does half health as well undodgeable up close.

He can then keep a Hunter from escaping by using his extreme pounce range.

His death spiral clips through walls and ledges.

Not to mention his CL is still a joke. Does not do a lot of damage in return for lots of self-damage.

Defend is broken because Kraken and Behemoth have the easiest time keeping hunters downed. This means they can’t hunt the monster after the first gen, meaning the monster can kill them all then destroy the 2nd gen all while the dropship in on its way.


I agree with Tom here. Death spiral is strong but he’s extremely well done. I beat him quite a bit as well.


Evolve might be better without noobs that have over 2k hours ingame and still dont know how things work. Like playing EMET, only dropping totems and not using healing burst or his weapons

in the end, they gonna nerf Elder Kraken again, so its ok. Just go AFK when you see one :smiley:


Ya i dont much care for the reskinned alterations of monsters they release. I have never played as any of them but the elder kracken is a little op looking at the stats


I’ve never been beat by an Elder Kraken - but that might be caused by a bad Monster or a well-coordinated Hunter team.


He might not have known the full potential of Kelder. 3 in BM is an instant 1/2 health damage, and CL is still a joke.


idk what your talking about I have beaten like half the kelders I have fought


Lol, that’s a 50% winrate, not too bad since that’s what they were shooting for!


He’s not going anywhere, that’s just a fact. Might as well learn to tolerate him or ditch the game until the next title update.


Elder Broken has quite a few issues that I really have a problem with in terms of balance when playing as a hunter.

I’m find with how much damage he’s doing but how easy that damage can be done (combo) is rediculously good.

8.1a looks to reduce the damage of the Death Spiral, and the speed of the Magic Missile. Which hopefuly will nerf him enough so that we can see where we want him to go.


All abilities it super fast. Quickly LS someone, then Banshee, and if not down already, spiral. All within a few seconds.


To the people that say the Kelder isnt too bad, i have a question for you.
Do you play with a team of people you regularly see an play with? Because if not, i would LOVE to meet some of these random pubs your meeting that handle the Kelder so easily.
All i ever get is idiots and no mics and trolls. An nobody wants to accept any kind of criticism, whether its friendly or not, an then they run horrible character choices to counter the monster and then they just run around and get killed by wildlife…
Rant over.


exactly, people are really just bad. Have Assaults that deploy their shield when they see the monster, a Lazarus who just jumps in to revive when the monster is right next to the body. Supports who don’t shield and just attack the monster, and medics who rather use their primary to do damage than heal


Exactly, like today, all three of my teammates died by wildlife. Two by the same Sloth, and one by reavers, its pathetic.


Everybody has to learn to play the game.