I think Evolve should have started with 4 monsters and 16 hunters as base instead


not a rant about how “bad” or “stupid” TRS and or 2K did things, but when you think about it, at least personnally i feel like that, doesn t it feel more comfortable to have 4 choices in each class than 3 ? i don t know if it s because it feels more free or something but having 4 choices gives the game less chances to become boring when you don t know what to really play or something, at least personnally that s how i feel, i don t regret buying the things i bought but i just thought about it


The Devs said that the first three Tiers were all that they could finalize prior to the game’s release, otherwise they would have put more on the disc. They didn’t want to delay the game a second time so they finished the first three and decided Tiers 4 and 5 would be DLC released when they were/are finalized, which is why we were gauranteed two more Monsters and six more Hunters, with more if the game/DLC gets enough longterm support (no pun intended :support:).