I think Auto-balance benefits need to be explained in-game


I’ve read that the auto-balance marks given to a team post-match actually give damage buffs & other bonuses. I’ve also heard that they stack. I’ve heard many different things but none of them have ever been clarified by the in-game messaging.
I’m suggesting that all the confusion stems from the lack of that. If there was some sort of text that described WTF was actually being provided by these auto-balance marks it would provide so much clarity. Right now, it’s just a bunch of speculation on my part & on the part of others (as far as I can tell).
If you look at the screen below, there is literally 0 information being provided.


I almost never play evac, but I still have no idea what auto balance does. Over 200 hours and I haven’t a guess.


I’m in the same boat (obviously). 121 hours logged. TRS please add some text or someting! :tired_face:


Poor hunters… I applaud all those who stay in lobby despite defeat after defeat.


Autobalance gives damage buff and damage resistense to the loosing team so they can become op at the end lol, because you just can’t be too good, that’s why I don’t like evac, I prefer normal hunt, no punishing to the player who is doing a good job. Devs say it’s to prevent players from the loosing team leave, but it really doesn’t matter because 90% of the players play evac for the xp and if they loose a lot, then they leave or just get bored after loosing so much. But I guess evac is for “fun” they say, but I have a lot more fun in skirmish. I just play evac as hunter in coop to help other new players get xp.


And I agree, it doesn’t give you any specific info on how the auto-balance works, they should check that, I remember the first time I played as monster and won all 4 days and at defend I was going crazy wondering " How the hell can they do so much damage to me??? 0_0"


Auto-balance is one of the most vague things ever. I don’t understand why games today need to keep things so shrouded in mystery: if its not a trade secret and not something I unlock, why not tell me what it does? Its like relative HP & damage values: you tell me something goes pew pew but you really don’t tell me how well it pews, leaving me up to pointless experimentation and false understandings that impact gameplay negatively.


yeah i have been 4-0 up then get hammered on defend it’s so stupid handicapping you for winning previous games !!!


Isn’t it silly and counter-intuitive to think that in Evac you almost need to take a strategic loss to prevent the other guy from being too OP? I know I’ve been caught off-guard as monster on Defend, losing a mass of HP in a time frame that typically doesn’t do too much damage normally.


If you want the trophy to win as monster it seem’s you have to lose a few if not all then just win on defend because winning 4-0 handicaps you greatly!


Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense why TRS would design the game mode this way so that this is the best strategy.


Meh… If I have that many Auto Balances against my Monster that just means its a fair fight in the end… until they all die anyway… multiple times.


Totally agree w/you. It’s pretty ridiculous.


Well said! I don’t see the point of hiding this information either. I mean it’s not some above top secret information…


Agreed, it makes no sense whatsoever.