I think Abe is OP! Help me understand how to fight him


I have fought against Abe, and could not do anything the whole time. I could never leave the stasis grenades, and I couldn’t run away. It was basically me just sitting there and dieing. I have only fought him as the Goliath, but I feel I would have the same issues with the others. (Except maybe the Wraith) How to I fight him?


Abe is strong against Kraken.Against any other he is decent.If you are Goliath just leap to go where you want.Also use leap smash for moving around while dealing damage.Also you can destroy the grenades i think with flamethrower or anything that hits them.Just keep leaping and using your abilities.Abe is nothing much against goliath with his leaps


Get further away. Jump a lot. Avoid darts at all costs.

Not much else tobsay.


From presonal feelings from a monster - hitting with dart is pretty easy. I getting hit by a hunters that are so far, that i cannot even see them, getting hit on me move, in the jump, always. And then he have about a minute to hit me again to prolong the neverending chase…


Sounds like tipical unexperienced hunters to me.


I like you. I like you because despite crying OP, you know it’s just a matter if evolving to meet his playstyle, and because you ask for help without complaining.

I wish more people were like you.


I LOVE using Abe, not a trapper fan but I like him a lot. But killing him isn’t that hard. It only gets hard if he has a good team to back him up like say a good Hank player that keeps him from getting damaged and let him do his thing. If Abe doesn’t get the backup he needs he dies Fairly fast.
Abe is very useful in evacuation slowing them monsters down and doming the generator from say a kraken who tries to lighting strike the generator, forcing the kraken to come closer.
Fighting hunters, any hunter, requires the monster player to seek out that 1 player than is key to their team. Be that a very good Lazarus player, a Hank player with good timing, Parnell with super soldier ability + health regen perk + personal shield that won’t go down or yes Abe who constantly tracks and slows you down…
At first monsters were winning, now seems like hunters are adapting to it… Seems like an interesting development.


Thanks everyone for the tips! Starting to understand him a bit more. Maybe I thought he was op in that match because he also had the medic with the speed aoe. Hard to shake that off and the stasis.


how is abe even useful? his ability can track monster yes but it’s an extremely small chance for it to even work.


Incorrect. Spamming the darts into into smaller wildlife still has a large chance of getting the monster, and darting creatures with perks increases that a lot. Furthermore, while Abe is the worst at finding you, when he does find you, a good Abe will never let you go. One shot from the tracking dart gun and there’s a marker on your head for a minute. And since most Abes will keeping darting you, that minute keeps refreshing itself over and over. It is VERY difficult to shake off an Abe player.