I think a new set of Hunters have been in progress since April


On the stream about Kala, they mentioned that they have started her since February 2015. Kala was the last hunter worked on meaning Lenny was already done, just doing bug testing. If this is true, Tier 6 must of been started in April. Just a thought


It could be Adaptations that they’ve been working on.


adaptations don’t take that long at all. Since the character build is already done. The structure is done. Just changing the weapons to do something else and cosmetic change


Well you see, even before launch we knew for a fact that there were going to be two tiers.

Tier 4 and Tier 5.

Now that the time has come where they are over they’ve difinitively said that they have no plans for future Tiers yet. That may or may not change.

Problem is, Tier 4 was nearly done by launch but was held back due to it being incomplete and heavily unfinished in terms of bug-fixes and Tier 5 has been in the works for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’d love any and all possibility for a Tier 6 but I’m highly skeptical on this reasoning because of the facts they’ve given us.


Unless they decide to double down and get really wacky and keep switching up the monsters/hunters nicely.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Meteor Goliath is at least 2x as awesome as OG, but with the time they had with Elder Kraken they really went left field with his concept

Imagine what they could do with even more time and free resources… maybe on T3 we get more than just structural changes for the character. Cause you cant tell me they didn’t change Elder Kraken mechanics when none of his attacks operate the same nor do they have the same FX with different colors like MG

Besides they would probably do Tier 4 and 5 variations before paying enough staff to do a whole new set. Their gonna wanna see demand for one first


I wish. But can you imagine another 6mo- 1yr of waiting for each class to be released for a 6th tier?


thats what, i am saying

Maybe a secret team that has been working on it since launch :slightly_smiling:


With how hard TRS is working on a game that is 1 year old it does make me wonder how they plan to keep the cash coming in. Adaptations being free, bug fixes not bringing in income and things like colorblind mode and the telemetry system all cost TRS money.

I am very thankful for all the free goodies but am very willing to spend my money on additional content as well!


More skins! TRS, wink wink, hint hint


I was actually thinking it would be cool if they made a skin pack that directly funded more maps or something. Like have it in the description that if a certain amount of that skin pack is sold they will create X amount of maps for us.

That way we can spend our money towards new things… idunno.


That would be cool, especially if they were skins that went with the theme of a given map that the pack would fund?


I’ve always hoped they would incorporate “Legendary Skins” of some kind, that were more expensive, like $10, but changed the color of abilities and added a few cosmetic changes. Like Adaption, but no changes to damage or the way their abilities work, simply cosmetics. Like a Goliath with green fire, and a green armor glow, and a big spike on his nose. :smile:


Like DJ Sona (League of Legends reference)

Legendary skins sound cool, I always wanted Val to have rainbow beams :blush:


Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everywhere~


I’d pay for that shit.


If tier 6 were in the making since April, I hope they continue to work on them and do what they did with tier 4, releasing them on the same day. Keyword is “if”.


that was a disaster in terms of balance btw…xD

throw a couple small rocks in a lake and you make small splashes and the water settles faster. toss a boulder in and you make a big splash and it takes longer to settle.


And thats why I had said to work on them, as in test them out, fix ALL BUGS, and maybe even tease them so the devs can see what we think before release.

EDIT: You edited before I released post! You beat me too it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think they were referring to the character designs (art, voice, etc) not the gameplay side of things.


oh yes please! I love if they are going forward with this game but i don’t think it, because by now was released the Evolve: Ultimate Edition they have closed with new contents :frowning: