I tend not to random when playing as hunter


I always get scrubs, can’t I play with hunters who have almost the same global wins as me? Matchmaking is horrible.


Ranked play is in the works and its literally exactly what you ask for :stuck_out_tongue:


Play customs. Get 4 other friends, and the game is amazing.


I hope it works out, can’t always team up with friends. I’m tired of Buckets and Lazarus who don’t use their heal burst.


But Bucket is a beast :cry:


Only on Nest lol


Clearly you havent played with a good Bucket/Laz combo :stuck_out_tongue:
Me and my friend were pubbin and this guy kept talkin mad shit about Laz and Bucket (not to mention how he though he was the best monster ever. Ha. Thats me) so we snagged the Medic and Support roles, picked Bucket and Laz (i was teh metal man ^.^) and got into it.
Never thought id hear someone rage so bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We played him so bad, letting Assault die, covering him in Turrets, Laz lit him up with weakpoints, and he Melted, never thought id see a Goliath die so fast. All about the person at the helm :wink:


Friends?.. is that even a word? what is the meaning? i dont understand? what is this f…rr…i…ee…nn…dd…s…? am i saying it right?


A friend is someone that you add to a list, and play with later. Lost it’s real world meaning in the online community.


you mean those ppl i rarely know anything about on my list? those are friends?


There’s a reason Bucket doesn’t get chosen at esl tournaments, same for Lazarus , well Bucket did get chosen once and guess what? They lost. Kraken is the meta.


You know what it is, I don’t feel like trying to explain it to someone attempting to troll.


Yeah, Kraken is a bit of a butt. Once he gets fixed tho, Bucket will be viable against him, as it is he can stay Airborne far too long which makes everyone not viable lol


i thought friends were ppl you hang out with and text, not just play games and never see them only when u have a common interest in playing the same game >.> soo yeah call it trolling, but i call it logic :wink:


Did you not read that?


This isn’t really feedback and Ranked play is coming soon.

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