I take it S2 ainte coming to consoles then


With player numbers dropping on PC, TRS probably won’t go ahead with S2 on consoles after all,sad because ps4 had the biggest player base and was my go to game.

TRS I think at this point you should cut your losses and cut Evolve and learn from your mistakes and concentrate on maybe another I.P or Evovle 2.


Uhhhhhhhhh, pink fluffy unicorns!
Where do you get your “facts” from? Playerbase is pretty stable.


First of all, the player numbers aren’t dropping, people are just checking out Deus Ex and Eichenwalde for Overwatch. You can’t base a player drop on one day of results. Secondly, TRS are making sure all bugs are ironed out and enough content is in the game then they’ll green light it for console release. You just gotta be patient bro.

Edit: Half of the TRS team are already working on a new unannounced IP.


Dude I think us consoles gamers have been ultra patient with TRS and remember we were lied to or misled in the build up to S2 hype.


Word on the street…


We were never lied to or mislead. I, to be honest, am glad this isn’t out on consoles yet so the game can be bug free and have enough content to draw people in and so they can stay. This is happening so us console users can get the greatest Evolve experience to date.


Omg ok just another brown nose person I see…stop lieing be truthful TRS don’t know what they’re doing never have done when it comes to Evolve.




Currently, there is no info on whether the game will come to consoles or not.

That being said, the playerbase is stable and the past weekend has shown that even more people will play the game if there is an interesting event. We can therefore conclude that the playerbase is actually bigger than it is, especially since most play casually.