I swear this [music] video is advertising terrorism, female terrorism :O



Nah, this is the exact same thing as thug life songs. She is talking about getting money, fast cars, and promoting woman empowerment(not in a good way but w/e).


Oh man I’d love to see this crap happen in real life.

PS: What exactly in this video makes you think this is promoting terrorism, … ? I’m curious now.


She is an activist, not someone who endorses terrorism.


Thats what I thought when I saw this. It seems more like middle eastern woman activist than promoting female terrorism. It might be more thug life-ish, but this isn’t promoting terrorism at all. What I wouldn’t give to be in one of those cars drifting like that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Who says guys can only like fast cars?!


No beheadings or bomb vests… I find your interpretation to be condescending and sexist. Female jihadis can bring death to the infidels just as well as any man (definitely not better though)!!!



Perhaps I’m hallucinating…, I could’ve sworn they were holding AK-47s at one point in the video. Nothing else in the video really suggests terrorism otherwise. I also don’t think they’re actually promoting terrorism, it’s more of a joke lol.


I hope I didn’t come across as sexist, I was just specifying the title using the word “female” because it seems to be focusing on women.


The drifting in the desert and riding horses is common here, as for rapping and dancing in thobs… maybe I haven’t seen it yet :wink:


As a Middle Eastern female, I didn’t find this offensive at all so no worries :wink:


Yay! I don’t feel like a jerk anymore xP lol


as a young man from the Sabah region of the arm , I Can tell you. that you did not rub off as sexist, you just used female in the title because the subject is around females and stuff.


OT- I love your new avatar.


Dude, no one is going to get offended if you say female. No one was offended, we are just stating our opinions. This is more quasi-gangster than terrorism.


Not sexist. I was being sarcastic which is what the /sarcasm indicates. No one should be offended in any way by this video or your comments.


well at least we got all of that cleared up now.


thanks! isn’t it the best facial expression? lol


@AlbinoGoliath What do you think about the terrorism in this video



I can’t watch that video, I’m at school. What is it?