I swear Slim's Spore Cloud doesn't even do anything


I just played a game as Slim, unfortunately, and the spore clouds were doing nothing to stop the monster knowing where I was.

I shot in the area of the monster and on myself if he was getting near and no matter where I went he would still hit me with every attack.

I’ve never played against the new spore clouds so I don’t know what it looks like when you get spored but it seems like it got nerfed to Hell.


Or the guy was experienced in playing against Slim :smiley:

Some people don’t actually have difficulty playing against him, some do! There’s a lot of things that determine what goes down in a fight. He could have been following the particles from your leech gun, the direction of where your heal burst was coming from, and could even have had headphones on, so he could hear where you were. :stuck_out_tongue:




I never shot the leech gun or used the heal burst.

Does the fact that it was Meteor Goliath change it? Maybe the burn DoT effects show through the spores?


I’d assume he’d be able to see the burning effects too, just like you can on a cloaked player.


If it was Meaty, then spores are useless; DOT from his fire makes you bright blue which is crazy obvious to the monster, almost more so than smell does

EDIT; they’re not useless actually, if the opponent has a low end graphics card, you can use spore cloud and dust tag to kill his frame rate, and by extension the monster :wink:


That kinda sucks :pensive:

Oh, thanks for clearing that up then, kinda defeats the point of spores altogether though. Only thing Slim can do is just tank the damage and get as many leech heal bursts off before he goes down I guess.


I play on Xbox One so there goes that option :stuck_out_tongue:


it really all depends on the player you’re fighting against. had games where the monster couldn’t see a thing, had games where they were basically useless. that’s just how it is. staying in bushes helps against experienced players sometimes though. …sometimes.


it did get nerfed to hell, it was something that really jammed your screen up with crazy fuzz, but now all it does is take your HUD away from you to some degree. People that are used to it can still see hunters in most cases, though it is map and conditions dependent. For example if you’re on a daylight map and sporeing then it’s of much less use than during a rainstorm on a dark map.

Use the spores to stop the monster from telling what you’re up to behind things. It nullifies the sniff to mean that the monster can’t tell which way you’ve gone behind a pillar or obstacle, what your move is. Combined with running behind cover in to a cloaked support and you’ve done a very well times magic trick.

But if you just spore the monster and your team are still out in the open shooting their stuff and beaming their weapons all over the place then it’s only going to be of limited value.


I joined the game late anyway and I wouldn’t have picked Slim for Arena no matter what.

I main Caira out of the Medics, the only one I really feel really useful with :wink:


Yea like I said in the reply to curly, I wouldn’t have picked Slim for Arena if I joined at the character select screen.

It was on one of the acid maps though so I didn’t think it would be that bad but apparently it was.


@10shredder00 interesting :joy: (can’t help but laugh)


I don’t mind Slim for Arena now. Since his changes I find that it’s really nice to actually keep up that assault medic roll. His healbursts come back much more naturally right now and so you can get in to a real cycle of healing unless the monster focuses you. That’s where spore comes good though, especially since Arena maps always have cover to dodge behind.


slim is so good though… so good… i love him on arena especailly. it’s just krakens that flip me up.


Slims spores need to be spammed to be useful, ever better always shoot them at the monster so it’s guaranteed to be in the middle of the bubble also as a prime target(whenever I play slim I’m always the primary target) shoot around trees or bushes to even further hide yourself. If you’re confident I suggest quick switch for a perk.


Spores affect everyone differently. Unlike things like Maggie’s traps or Bucket’s sentries which have a job they are guaranteed to fill, spores are not. Spores are the literal one aspect of this game that is so unbalanced it’s unbelievable and it’s all due to the fact that it doesn’t require skill, it doesn’t require training. It affects everyone at different levels making it a terrible tool.

It relies on the person being affected, not their skill level. If you were to spore someone like @ToiletWraith for example she might be completely unphased by it but if you were to spore me I’d be completely blind swinging at midair. It affects everyone very differently.

It’s just a bad concept for the game given how impossible of an ability it is. It’s either the best thing since the Big Bang or it’s literally as effective as trying to jump to the moon with just your legs as propulsion.

Personally, my opinion on spores is they need to be removed and replaced with a better ability. That’s from my balance perspective as they are just too terrible a concept. From my “fun” perspective, I don’t see any reason why TRS ever thought this ability was a good idea. Either it is terrible and it does nothing leading to an anti-fun experience for Hunters or it’s way too effective and leads to an anti-fun experience for the Monster. Either way, someone is not having fun and because it relies on the person and not their skill level it’s just a really bad concept.

Couple his healing in that and you have a medic that blinds you, deals a ton of damage, and heals all at once. Slim as a concept is interesting but it’s just undeniably a terrible idea to base the balance of an ability on the ability of the player and not the skill of the player.

This is quite possibly the most civil I’ve every been on this topic.


Play against them and you’ll notice they do make a difference. It’s not a cloak so they can still see you but it is effective.


This is a great example of the issue with spores. Some people are affected more than others and it’s not down to skill. Ergo someone not that affected will make it seem to some that slim isn’t that good and needs his healing increasing. Meanwhile people like me and shredder and all “Spores not good? Increase his healing? Fuck…that”

If they were changed to something like while in the cloud you still get a clear outline of each hunter but can’t tell who each hunter is, this still provides useful utility for them to attempt to escape a monsters focus and everyone is affected the same.
And for christ sake stop allowing the monster to be in them non-stop when they’re fighting. The “but just traversal out of them!” excuse is so bad it’s embarrassing.


O.o Someone actually said traversal out of them? The spore is practically huge plus as you said they would just come back to you immediately.