I swear no matter how far I run


In Solo as a monster the bots always catch up to me as soon as I start feeding. Been trying to get the basics of this game down on both ends but at least I have won as a hunter.


I feel your pain!


That’s odd. When I play solo it feels like the hunters are hiding from me. I don’t even think they react when you alert the birds. O_o


the ai are really good on here lol. i prefer them to some pubs sometimes. besides hanks orbital issues lol


Hey, I play nothing but monster so I can help you out. What monster are you using?


I was pleasantly surprised to find the bots do present a slight challenge particularly if you don’t exploit their weaker aspects. Solo is actually useful for testing stuff out, unlocking stuff and gaining some basic proficiency. I do think some hunters have better AI than others. Maggie as trapper is probably a better choice to play against than Griffin for instance. They probably work better on some maps as well.