I suggest 2 maps. One favors the Hunters, and the other, the Monsters


Ofcourse, it wouldn’t be available for ranked matches, it would be unfair as fuck.

Let’s think of a new multiplayer mode, like free mode or fun mode or custom mode?

If you click that mode, you get to choose whether or not to host or join a game. You get to pick a map, duration of the battle, and the mode. There will be 2 ‘just for fun’ maps to choose. One map favors the hunters, it has enclosed space and shit. Another favors the monster, it is dark, wide, and has lots of wild life. Ofcourse, the battles don’t affect the ranks.

I don’t know if you guys might like this, but give a shot of what you think!


We already have Foundry for the hunter favored map. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the idea of having a little “unranked play mode” with the hosting and joining a game for the use of fun games and learning to play, unlike the ranked modes where newbies aren’t very welcome. And the hosting and joining would allow for a player to play a map they like or with the rules they like. Like the time length of the battle for instance. And the 2 maps that are hunter or monster favored. There’s actually a map that’s pretty hunter sided and a monster sided one too. Can’t give exact names of the maps because I don’t know the names only the maps, only foundry as the hunter sided, but it’s a cool concept, kudos to you friend :slight_smile: