I suck, please help


I just returned to Evolve, and I’ve been searching through the forums for information on exactly what has happened. Haven’t really found anything too crazy, but then I played a match and monster feels really weak. My first try was Kraken, and wow that felt really bad. Got domed stage 1 and it was all over from that part. Even when playing Behemoth, he didn’t feel like he used to. So someone spark note me what happened to the pretty monsters. I stopped playing a few weeks after Behemoth came out.


Best thing to do is post some recent videos of your gameplay. Then members can help to coach you easier.


Look here:

I’ll try to find some others.


And do what Moutain said. I’d enjoy looking over some of your games to see what you did right and wrong.


Hello , looks like you are just rusty, dont worry skills will come back, just practice :slight_smile:


What platform are ya on? Need a evolve buddy? Customs are a great way to stress free practice.


Well I’m on PC.

I’m at uni right now, but when I get home I’ll upload a few games for people to look over.

My biggest question is what’s the best perk to take on monster? I used to take speed feed and just try to book it across the map but that doesn’t seem to be working anymore.


some monster have changed a lot over the time well not really if you need help if you are on xbox message me I love to help people who are confused and are getting back into the game or just bought it


Just play with your friends.

They’re never gonna let you down.
They’re always gonna be around.

What about yo frens?


well then learn to play the new way, all i can say.


Damage is really good. But if you’re having trouble getting away, use movement.


I think it kinda depends on monster, I use Goliath all the time, so I speed perk him, I dont use speed feeding as I use 2 marks on flames at first stage, why feed fast when you cant kill them fast and make up the time speed feeding adds, but you could use both flames and speed feeding but you move slower, I prefer fast movement especially in a dome at stage 1, but it just depend on where you can afford to be slower, this depends on how you play and what monster you choose to play with, :slightly_smiling:


The only monsters I don’t play is normal kraken and wraith. I’ve never been very good with kraken and I simply don’t like wraiths play style and squishiness. Most monsters I use damage bonus becuz I like to think I’m fast and sneaky enough to not need movement speed or stuff like that, so I want to be doing as much damage as possible whenever I get into a fight.

With gorgon I like to use cooldown reduction so I can use the spider trap as frequently as possible as I find it is a phenomenal way to split the hunters attention away from myself and can lead to a swift victory if the hunters can’t handle it while in combat.

Behemoth is more about controlling your space and finding the weaknesses in the hunter team, the less room for the hunters to move the better for you. At stage one you need to learn to love the cave, against some teams it is the only way to reliably survive long enough to reach stage 2. Don’t even bother with tongue grab until stage 2 since you want to have abilities that keep the hunters away not bring them to you.

Goliath doesn’t really need movement as he is technically the fastest monster right now (meteor gets more distance in the same time frame but he is still Goliath so whatever) charge is overall his weakest ability and most risky since its easy to dodge outside of short range but it is really helpful in gaining more distance when fleeing from the hunters. That said I don’t get charge until stage 2 as his other abilities are just so much better at damage and range making it easier to fight if necessary.

elder kraken is more like behemoth in that he really benefits from fighting in enclosed spaces and not running around in open spaces at lower stages. Death spiral is amazing because it ignores terrain. a hunter being a pain and kiting you around a pillar? Blast the area with death spiral and his safe zone becomes a very hostile area for him. Banshee missile is super strong but its slow and the radius isn’t very impressive without two or three points to it. Chain lightning is both really good and really bad. Its very powerful and can layer a ton of damage across the whole team but it is honestly pathetic how short the range is if you only have one point in it, If you wanna use it you really need at least two points dedicated to it


Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions, I’m playing right now and I’m going to upload a video of my monster play. x_x Going to try taking damage as well.