I suck at this game


Been playing this game since it came out. I can’t find any matches and the ones I do find tend to steam roll me. I’m ranked silver expert but play like bronze skilled. I’m constantly matched with silver master or higher and the wasteland Maggie comps with Val and Hank I can t even touch anyone let alone get a strike.

It’s been months and no matter how many times I lose I keep getting placed with the same people. The matches are not even close. It’s just ass whooping after ass whooping. No strike, no stage three. Just ass kicked in stage two. My abillities don’t land, don’t register, or simply don’t matter.

Iam discouraged at the upcoming patch that will once again ruin my Goliath to unplayable status and a matchmaking system that never places me with evenly matched teams.


Well before we start point out your issues (you casul /jk) we need to know how you play (probably like a scroob /jk) so you need to tell us how you play Goliath and what Abilities you take and at what stage and what platform you play on yadda yadda.

Are you capable of doing any sort of recordings? I somewhat main Goliath now so I can put in my two cents. Also what Perk and how you act vs certain comps and the like.

Simply saying that you suck at the game doesn’t tell us much besides… well… that you stink.


Video would be nice, but so far it sounds like that you don’t break Maggies harpoons to get to anybody (Hank) else.


Bootlegger71 twitch. Plenty of saved replays there.


I’ll check it out after my session. Thank you


I don’t think you suck, you’re very aggressive to the point that you harm yourself by sticking in fights too long, and you make the odd bad choice when it comes to how you target. I feel you also use some of your abilities a little late, at the point where the hunters can dodge out of the way… you either need to land them faster, or hold them to hit the hunter post-dodge.

But I wouldn’t say you suck.


You can always try mixing up your Monster preferences to get a fresh experience.

Now as for your Goliath gameplay -

  • - Try to be more unpredictable during the course of a game. You do sneak around a little bit when you suspect the Hunters are close, but you still take very obvious routes which kind of nullifies the whole point of sneaking.

  • + Good job mitigating. There’s not many Goliath players who know how to effectively block LoS to the Assault for the full duration of an undesired dome and occasionally armor up, but you did it really well.

  • - You’re gonna need to be more accurate in snagging the harpoon cables, otherwise every single one will take multiple strikes.
    If you’re a masochistic one, play Wraith a little for the sole purpose of learning this. She has the most trouble of all Monsters finding the perfect angle for breaking Harpoons.

  • - Target prioritizing. For lack of a better word, you “panic” too much. When you Leap Smash into a group of Hunters, the first thing you tend to do is chug the next ability at whichever Hunter is closest to you - for example the Assault, despite having full health and his own Personal Shield to boot.
    Or then the Trapper, who has Hank and Val making sure you won’t get the Trapper down anytime soon.
    As you notice Hank shielding her, you try to reach him. Too late. Ah well, might as well throw this rock at the Assault instead then.
    It goes on and on like this. You need to stick to your target. Disorienting a team by being unpredictable and attacking every single one of them might seem like a decent strategy but really, they will end up outshielding and outhealing your entire damage output.
    Go for Hank or Sunny first if he/she is in the team. Otherwise the Medic. Do your absolute best to stay on target.

  • + Blocking LoS as quickly as possible during a chase to prevent any tranqs shot in your back. Smart move.
    If I may though, try to use pounce once in a while to do just that; quickly stepping behind cover. Pounce in this scenario is the Monster’s equivalent to a soldier’s dodge roll between barriers to prevent getting shot.

  • - Make sure you cancel Charge (by tapping backwards) as soon as you’ve already hit your intended target, unless you’re 100% sure you can continue knocking him/her back.
    I noticed you frequently managed to close distance to a target with Charge, but then lost your advantage again by not cancelling it after knocking Val to the side, resulting in you trying to steer Charge around but it’s just not accurate enough to do that.


Hi I dont have much time now but I watched 1 of your Goliath matches and I think your biggest issue is accuracy with abilities.

So many missed RT and LS…
You need to land every ability to bring down a good team , so you will have mostly work on this.


Next update is actually making Goliath BETTER, but okay.


What I found so far. You don’t use feeding routes/it takes a long time for you to be evolve ready. You get trapped with half ot the first evolve meter filled up, you should be ready by that point. You miss a lot of attacks and, for me, you have strange builds for certain comps. I don’t think there is a reason to spread dmg against a Rogue Val, burst her passive down, same with Hank. If you fight Tech Hank, either go for him or pop the shield, there is no real healing from a Rogue Val and no shielding from a Tech Hank if you focus one down


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ill try this with a title “updated strategies” and post you a link to them.