I still have too low FPS in Evolve (PC)


Hey guys,

I still can’t play Evolve on my normal settings because I will get too low FPS.
Also on the settings I now use I have too low FPS.
@ArPharazon @MrStrategio can you please do anything to fix this?

I’m waiting since a few months for a fix.

  1. Until a few months after launch I had no problems with Evolve. Everything worked well.
  2. Then came the Arena- Mode update and I wasn’t able to play because of too low FPS and too long loading times.
  3. After some Months without any help from the developers, somebody told me to do a BIOS- update. And after that everything was normal like before.
  4. Then came the update that implemeted Gorgon to Evolve. Because of that I now have a bad performance and constantly too low FPS. I can’t even play on the settings I normally use.

My system specs:
Processor: AMD FX™-4100 Quad-Core Processor
Main Memory (RAM): 8,00 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
System Type: 64 Bit-operating system
Windows 7 Home Premium
DirectX-Version: DirectX 11

The settings I would normally use:


System specs?


I know that my Graphics card is the: Nvidia geforce GTX 750 Ti and that my processor is the AMD fx 4100 quad core.
But I was able to play Evolve normally until a few months after launch. Then came the update with the Arena- Mode.
Because of that I wasn’t able to play for months without much harder laggs than now.
Then I did a BIOS- update and everything worked well like before.

Then after the Update with that Gorgon came to Evole I had low FPS again.
They are not that hard like before but totally disturbing the gameplay.


It is very edgy, I’ll admit. But yeah, have you tried updating all the drivers?


10 chars


What are your graphical settings for the game?


Just double check to see if your PC actually meets the recommended specs;

Even if it does meet minimum requirements, it doesnt mean the game is going to run perfectly, it just means it can run the game, but that’s not to say you wont have performance issues.


But I was able to run it pefectly on medium settings until a few months after launch.
And normally it still should.


Which do you mean? the settings I normally use or that settings I now use?


Times change, hardware gets old and used, games update. Nothing stays pristine forever. :stuck_out_tongue:
Like, I had a 4 year old graphics card that ran Evolve for a good few months, and as the game and PC got older, it started struggling. I had to swap it out, I had no choice, that is if I wanted to keep gaming.


But I should at least be able to play without low FPS.


Yeah, if your Gfx card isn’t old and overused… Have you tried defragging your PC and cleaning it out of any possible dust bunnies?


By the way I wrote my system specs in the thread.


Well is Evolve run at low, med, or high settings?


let me check :slight_smile:


The settings I would normally use:


Try setting your game to windowed mode. I …Think? It can put the framerate up…
Also, have you tried a gamebooster like Razer Cortex?


A friend helped me out with CCleaner and canceled some processes. He also cleaned my PC from trash.
Now I have about 10 GB more space on my PC LOL


Windowed mode lowers FPS, it’s better to run in full screen especially when you’re on a budget video card.


Ohp. I got it backwards then, my bad. :stuck_out_tongue: