I still dont understand the Gorgon Acid Nerf


it got nerfed because the low Levels and new players but why ? this is not Gorgons Problem this is a Problem by the newbie players they just must learn to dodge it
Now my beauty Gorgon gets more weake against Premade Team

im kinda ok whit the Spider Trap nerf but not the Acid

Gorgon gets a nerf Kraken didnt get one make no sense 4 me


Use Web Sling, it’s more reliable with damage if you can hit hunters with it, with CDR you can also keep it active 24/7 on your target allowing you to down them more easily even with Sunny on your ass.

We haven’t seen how she’ll play with the next patches changes, so lets reserve judgement until then. I’ve been using her with a change in strategies and I don’t feel she’s underpowered at all. Quite the opposite in some instances, the Wallpounce bug fix should fix that. You want to fight in areas with limited places to move around too much and corral them near a wall so you can get your burst in with it, similar to the Wraith with high rises (makes hunters burn their jetpack).


The reasoning behind the “nerf” is that what you describe is not the case.

The difference between good teams and bad teams were how long they would stand in the Acid Spit.
TRS decreased the total duration of the lasting pool, but by the time it disappeared a good Hunter would’ve already stepped out of it a long time ago.

This nerf only applies to bad Hunter teams (who were arguably having a lot of difficulty against Gorgon).

  • Bad Hunters will stay in it too long or not know where to flee to, and will now receive a little less damage (but still a lot) if they stand in the pool for the total duration.

  • Good Hunters will move out of the acid pool long before it disappears anyway and are thus literally unaffected by this nerf. (in theory that is, Web Snare + Acid Spit is still a deadly combo)

I like this change. The reasoning behind it was very clever and I wish they had applied this logic to many of the “famous” nerfs to Wraith and Behemoth in the past because I think they would’ve saved us a lot of complaints and vent threads.



For the most part I agree, I think they should’ve increased the damage if they were gonna Nerf duration. We’ll just have to see if it’s not that big of a deal. I’m sure everything will work out.


In a past stream (one before last) it was confirmed this TU will have no kraken nerfs.


Oh that sucks, that’s to bad then.


Yeh. From my experience Kraken needs a nerf to the last few changes, but oddly I’m killing a lot of krakens still. Need to find some more good ones to do customs vs to get a better idea. (Wouldn’t complain if I saw a combat nerf and mobility buff though).


I completely agree, what’s your thoughts on AS ?


A Kraken Main think he needs a Nerf O.O this must say anything


I think AS is fine. Since around 5.0 it was fairly balanced. Pre-5.0 kraken was the most balanced imo. Then a lot of changes hurt him, especially with the chase comp reigning supreme. Right now I need more games vs competent players to be 100% sure. Until recently I was losing all my games vs my team. After changing perks I’m winning a lot more.


  1. a lot of people, even kraken mains, genuinely want balance. We discuss it looking at both sides. Hence I don’t like some comments you make about kraken mains not wanting nerfs and wanting to be OP.

  2. don’t you normally play with randoms in quick play? Don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a team. Having a team that communicates changes things massively. I know, because I play with one. I’ve played with randoms too. It isn’t night and day, they’re two different universes. It frustrates me to see people complain about a monster or say they need nerfs when they’ve never seen a proper premade take it apart.


i only play hunt 2.0 whit my silver skilled team ^^ but kraken is the only monster that is hard to fight at Silver for us and we are a good team

if he didnt get a nerf i hope Kala will be good against him whit her Armor reducer


They haven’t mentioned everything yet have they? You never know what’s in store, we can only pray for a Kraken nerf mention in the upcoming update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cory mentioned it (kinda laughed actually) in the last stream.


There was a mention of Krakalaken?


…Kra-Kala-ken… Okay, got my new nickname for Kala- BACK ON TOPIC NOW!


On PC Kraken is 8/10 choice from Silver Master onwards, with occasional Goliath thrown in the mix. Yesterday, we pld versus Silver Master, lost pretty clearly couple of Kraken ones. Then third time monster player chose Goliath, it tipped the balance and we ended the match at first stage. He had Goliath Elited and was pretty okish player.

One example should be treated as such, but I have just started playing Kraken. I can already say after 15 matches its by far the best monster. No CC really works, yes Maggie´s traps are annoying but no really. Jack has no impact, etc. By far the biggest difference is the S2/S3, once I get LS 3 points its ridiculous. So powerful, I just wait another ability to hit hunter and then finish it with LS. If for some reason no incap, continue with AS 3 points: easiest incap Ive experienced in my limited Monster experience.

Nerf combat, buff mobility


I asked if there were any kraken nerfs in twitch, and he snorted on the stream and explained about the telemetry.

Edit: derailed this topic enough. Any further kraken talk can be taken to another topic.


make the thread and I’ll be there. I love love love love Kraken he is my main beast but he sure needs some nerfs.

@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX I don’t think there’s anything that can be said on this nerf to further the conversation, you got your answer maybe request a lock or merger? and just talk about it in the TU/patch 8.0 thread.


So the game becomes even more hunter biased.


Nope. These changes are pretty sound.