I still don't like Leaderboards


As stated before in Beta in this post:

Leaderboards aren’t much of an awe to climb up when you know veteran status and grinding is going to pull those players, while people who have to do other things outside of Evolve will quickly fall off their rank.

Also, people are still abusing the leave system because there isn’t a real penalty other than wait time. People can grab perfect WLR because if they are in a bad spot, they can just leave and not be penalized. Not only does this skew leaderboards, but it hurts players that are still in that game (Mainly the other Hunters) because bots can’t communicate or think in ways the team was thinking. Yes, you can take over, but there will always be a bot.

I don’t know if TRS is creating a ranked system, but in my opinion, a new algorithm needs to be made in order to make climbing leaderboards feel like a challenge rather than a “sit at your seat” grind to the top.


Yeah just don’t even care about the Leaderboards.Just keep practicing for until the Ranked Mode comes.


they are. ranked is in the works. Im pretty sure spectator mode is in the works as well. be patient and test stuff out. A loss trying something new is better than a perfect record to me. would have never maxed warp blast on wraith if i didnt expirament


I am ignoring it in terms of gameplay, but I’m still upset that they didn’t change the algorithm since Beta.

Warp blast is a pain when you get hit. If you play Kraken, try my favorite build: start 1 vortex 2 thunder.

Max thunder and aftershock, and get the other 2 in banshee mines. Players will be screaming at the amount of burst and knockbacks you are throwing out in such a short time.


I really wish i could play Kraken.I’ve tried it once in Hunt and twice in Evacuation.I simply can’t play with him anymore even tho Kraken is my favorite monster since Alpha and Beta.Against a decent team of hunters i just can’t escape.I can never find a 10 second hole to evolve.Kraken is so slow and slappy for me right now.His traversal doesn’t do much in aspect of escaping.

Leave alone if i’m playing against Abe.Once a dart hits its over.


well, beeing patient is one thing. not seeing that game relevant tools are beeing low priority and making 120$ of skindlc as high priority for launch is another thing.
*on a game that already cost 60$


Skins are optional.