I still cant use Wraith - I preordered WHAT GIVES!


I still cant use Wraith - I preordered WHAT THE HELL


What system are you using?


Xbox One.

My friend pre-orderded the regular edition and has Wraith.
I pre-ordered the digitul deluxe edition and do not.



This was at the top of the forum, next time take 5 seconds and look. Hope you enjoy the Wraith.


Would you even have it unlocked? You don’t get it instantly, would still have to go through the progression.


I apologize for not looking through the poorly organized spam of pinned threads. Thank you though.


I am on PC

I pre-ordered the digital copy through amazon, steam is saying its closed beta - should it say open beta?


I saw a mod post a fix that worked for me. Try this:

Make sure Evolve is closed
Go to my games and apps
Press the menu button over Evolve
Select manage game
Go to the option that says “reserved space”
Clear reserved space
Launch Evolve and all tier 3 characters should be available

This fix worked for me, give it a try :smile:


Also note that this is only for full prepurchase through steam. Preorder doesn’t add anything to beta outside of Xbox One.


Just noting I edited your title. No harm done.


Was this resolved?


Your email did not state “steam only” please consider being more specific in the future

Have prepurchased the game digitally? You will earn early access to the third set of Hunters, Wraith in the beta!

that is not even grammatically correct


Thank you for the feedback, and we apologize for the mistake/misunderstanding!!