I smash wraith all the time?


So after a few days away from the forums and just casually playing evolve I come back and see all these “omg wraith so OP plz nerf now!” Threads…but hold up at least half the time if not more than that when I play a wraith I beat it. And when I lose its because me or someone on the team did something stupid and got punished for it. Then i’m seeing this “wraith mobility OP!!”…ok yeah its fast that’s the point. That’s it’s strength running away and sneaking. It has no armor compared to goliath so if it was as slow as him it would get domed stage one and decimated by semi competent hunters everytime…speed is essential to its play style. Wraith just hides in the dome though!! Yeah it does, but so does every other monster if it wants to not just wraith. With a full team I habitually annihilate it.

It’s also horrible at stage three for attacking the relay considering how low of a health pool it has. I think the source of all these threads are people that are playing with random scrubs in public matches and get shit on by a good wraith and then jump on the band wagon of “I only lost because it was wraith”. It’s not op it’s just a troll monster that makes people butthurt when they lose to it. By the way I play cabot and Abe mostly. Wraith hiding in dome? dust tag and then railgun for days easily blow through its armor. That’s all but please people quit whining. I have a battlefield forum relapse everytime I get on these forums now…still have PTSD from those days…


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