I seem to be getting very little damage towards mastery on Val's sniper rifle


I put the marks on the monster, people hit the marks, although it’s not that often either. Still, every other skill I got 2 stars rather quickly, but for her sniper rifle, it is painfully slow. Need to get 12,000 damage, and I am sitting at 7300, and it seems like every round I might get like 50-100 points added to it.

Am I just on an unlucky run here?


Yep same thing here, I’ve had the other 2 leveled up ages ago. But the sniper is taking forever… some games its just an extra 100-300. People just don’t seem that interested in focusing on the weak spots you’ve created.

The most I’ve gotten is 1500 (ish) from one match, and thats mainly due to luck of having Cabot and his damage amp on the team too. I guess good luck on the slow grind!


Val’s 2 star sniper takes FOREVER if you level it in the normal hunt multiplayer.

I got it in less than an hour by doing defend bot games. All you gotta do is select stage 3 goliath, and Parnell on your team, and you’re good to go.


I think they are, it’s just that it can be quite difficult to hit them if the mark’s on the opposite end of the monster/hunter (E.G. weak point’s on the monsters chest but the hunter is shooting from behind) or the mark’s just moving too much to hit.


I get over 1000 most games. Just aim for the center of the monster or the head this should help as the bots if any are in game will most likely hit them whilst pushing up your damage. Also getting headshots in general do great damage to the monsters which should give you an above average score every game.


Cheers for this, played with bots and completed it in two games. Not looking forward to the headshot challenge now though, not sure how great my accuracy is :frowning:, but I’ve heard playing against a kraken makes it alot easier.