I regret running Behemoth


So I’m still kind of a mediocre monster, and was trying to get a second match in before work. I was running low on time and bumped into 3 Bronze Destroyers and an unranked.

Cool, “They might be decent,” I thought, but as I didn’t have much time, I chose Behemoth with damage on Rendering Plant. Two lava, one fissure.

I was off to a slow start, but I passed by Damage Res and decided to have a quick snack. As I finished my four-piece meal, I caught sight of Jack’s sat spike off in the distance between me and the dropship spawn. “Okay, then, well, I’m off to visit the nomad and mammoth birds by the coast, before I get domed in kite city,”

I climbed over the building heading southwest and ate a few birds, now fully ready to evolve, Stage 1, full armor, and with damage res in my back pocket. I rounded the corner, climbed the rock bridge, and waited. Jack and Hank followed closely, hugged the corner at my elevation, and promptly received a face full of my lovely Behemoth roll(s). Jack ran backwards, using his repulsor gloves to slow me down, but I cornered him while Hank jumped up and over me. Poor Jack, down to almost no health, squeezed by, but not in time to avoid the next roll and fell, down but not out, to the canyon floor below. I puked a little lava on him, just to be sure and turned around.

It was at this point that I turned around to see Caira at very low health, because the nomad had joined the fight. Torvald had popped his shield and was at half health as well. “That’s a thing,I guess,” I thought idly as I turned around to make sure Hank didn’t manage to revive Jack. One roll and another lava bomb later, Hank was also DBNO. So I turned toward Caira, and smacked her around until, of her own volition, she jumped into the lava. Incap, the third.

And then Torvald was alone, on the acid shore, with a dune beetle, a nomad and a Behemoth. He took refuge on a small rock, just tall enough that my stubby little arms couldn’t reach him. Meanwhile, the dune beetle started chomping on my behind. “Fine, okay, I’m finally taking damage,” I mused while lazily meleeing in Torvald’s direction. He jumped off the rock and fell into the acid, at which point he was defenseless. I hopped in the tub with him and after a few more smacks, down he went.

Sadly, the match was three minutes and thirty seconds long. It probably took you longer to read this than it did for the match to end.

And why did I title this “I regret running Behemoth…?” Because there was no way that was a ton of fun for those poor hunters. I’ve been maining Goliath recently, because his balance makes him the most challenging, and the most fun, for me. I should have given that pub a match, and not a stomping.

I’m no great shakes as a monster, but I do try to make sure hunters who fight me have fun (another reason why I’m focusing on Goliath), but I failed this team. If you’re out there, I’m sorry, and I promise to run Goliath next time. And, to be clear, this isn’t some clarion call for a Behemoth nerf, or a claim that he’s OP. I just wanted to repent for Stage One-ing some poor pub instead giving them a good game, as all monsters should aim to do.


i think that, the thing is, Behemoth was intended to be the destructive powerhouse from the start, with the most health and biggest damage,and if the hunters you’re facing can’t give you a hard time or play out there attacks strategically, that’s their fault. i lost my first two placement matches due to Wraith’s new horrendous bugs, so i switched to Behemoth. last time i used him, he sucked and i couldnt justify paying for him. now, i can destroy good hunters and still have a good game. i give them a hard fight, and dont run or hide. it just depends who you’re facing and the map you’re in.

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So it was you,… apology accepted!!

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Sounds like the wildlife really helped you out

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I generally make sure at least something big and scary is nearby before engaging at S1. It’s in part an attempt to gauge the hunters’ ability to deal with things getting crazy real fast, and also to help mitigate if it turns out I’m having trouble putting strikes on. I can be a huge wuss while they kill the sloth/armadon/nomad/tyrant. Wildlife distraction is a powerful thing.

The nomad and I had a deal, too. As I passed it by, I whispered, “If you curbstomp assault and heals, I promise I won’t eat you this match.” And now that I think about it, it may have been Jetpack Recharge, so it had some extra stomping power.

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The wildlife needs to apologize too.

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A team almost getting taken out by wildlife is bad , lol



If hunters get strikes by Wildlife they deserve to be taken to Behemoth city!


BOB ftw! He’s my no1 monster,kind of reminds me of myself BFG! Although BOB isnt friendly ha!

The key to beating him is having a fast trapper because if you don’t kill him s1 your going to have a very hard time at s2 and almost impossible at s3


They barely cut into my permanent health pool in that S1 dome.



I do this only in customs. I used to do it in pub games too, but you know what you get for that? Ridiculously unfun hunter comps, cheesy strategies, frustration and then trashtalking post-game.


I get the frustrating comps in custom games.

I ran a custom with friends last night, since we somehow picked up a level 14 who really wanted to main monster and had bought the game the day before.

We let him spectate the first match, and my friends know I main Goliath. We were on Barracks. They comped Val, Sunny, Griffin and Lennox and chased me around the map endlessly, with forever kites. The only strike I put on was on Val in a stage 1 engage, but I lost three bars of health for it.

Other than that, shield drones endlessly placed high up across the dome, Griffin pooning me for trying to get it, a new one going up every time I turned to look at the old one, and Lennox punishing me for trying to focus anything but her. It sucked so much.

I admit I didn’t focus Sunny down hard enough, but when every single character in a comp is a hard counter to your monster, there’s not much you can do unless you pick your spots. Even trying to isolate hunters is difficult good Sunny play, since they can simply jetpack back towards their friends. Didn’t help that the relay is kite city. I didn’t think Goliath needed much of anything until last night. He lacks the reach of every other monster, in my opinion.

Since pubs are generally not as strong as a team of people who are in communication and play every day, often together, I feel I can give them a better match with Goliath than high-level players.

It was good practice though, even if I was super salty afterwards.

Edit: My friends are all pretty high-level players, and like to win, so they usually hard counter me since I’m trying to improve my Goliath play. Then they gloat post-match. I’m usually not a sore loser, but I also don’t like having to play stronger monsters that I don’t like as much just to have a shot at my current skill level.