I refuse to play online until the progression bug is fixed


Steam player here. The progression issue is a BIG deal. I am level 30 and If I get my progress deleted I would have to request a refund. I love the game TRS, but fix this bug. It is a really serious issue. Thinking about leaving a thumbs down… There is no excuse for the bug not being fixed yet.

Can we get an ETA on the progression fix for steam

you’ll play the game and like it god damn it!!!


Other than that they have to test the patch? Not to mention, on the XBONE side it needs to go through MS’s certification process.


This hundredth post on something we all already know is being worked on is sure to light the fire under TRS’s collective butts! Patches take time and this crazy rare thing called patience.


Patience is running out. Game has been out for over a week. They need to hurry. I just gave the game a thumbs down because of this. I will update my review when this issue is fixed.


You just said it. It has only been a week! You need to give it more time.


you didnt need to make a post for this. you could have just done so…




Gimme a few hours to explain and I think maybe you’ll start to get it :stuck_out_tongue:


Please stop spamming topics.


Yeah. We get it. It sucks. It’s being fixed. Patience is a virtue my child.


Ya know ive only heard of it happening maybe once on the pc and I don’t even know if it had anything to do with the game, don’t know why youre so afraid when its 90% a xbox problem.


I am not sure if you are being serious or not…because you just posted a thread today about being angry getting put into dying monster roles in evac., having to take control of a bot. Now you say you refuse to play until the progression system is fixed…yet you clearly know of this issue a week ago.

I’m not saying it’s not a serious issue because, frankly, yes it is and is game-breaking for many…many are currently refusing to play until the patch comes out. You know it is in progress and it is coming very shortly. I know TRS already has it fixed on their end but are waiting now for the approval of the patch and times for that are not in their hands, which is why they haven’t given an official time frame. But it IS coming, so sit tight. You can keep playing or wait, but it will get fixed.

Also, are you playing on PC or XBox, because it’s predominantly an XBox issue. If you want to continue playing right now but avoid as much as possible a progression reset…please refer to this thread:

as much of this would also apply to PC users.