I redeemed my season pass code, soo


Should there have been a different code for monster expansion? I didn’t get savage goliath… Or exterminator skins…


What system?


Pre-order gives savage goliath and exterminator.

Gamestop pre-order only gives the exterminator until the time stamp comes off. And that code is seperate.


Xbox One…


I pre ordered… and I only got the code for season pass.


Also what do you mean “the time stamp comes off”


You pre-ordered from Gamestop? Codes should be on your receipt.


Only got the code for season pass. That was it.


The code should be in your receipt. And should include the entire bundle of codes.

And the exterminator skins are not truly exclusive, they are just locked for a limited time from the public. People can buy them later on.

Anyways, check your e-mail. I got my exterminator code today.


Time stamp means Turtle Rock will be releasing the exterminator skins to everyone for purchase.

Check your receipt, the guys at my gamestop always use a highlighter on all codes printed on receipts.


I’ll check again in about 8 hours, that’s when I get out of work… I redeemed the only code that I had on the receipt, and the screen told me it was just the season pass


If all else fails contact your local gamestop or email their support. They should be able to set you right.