I really really want to play as monster with friends


I used to play L4D a lot with friends and I really enjoyed the part about coordinating an attack against the survivors as infected. Would we ever get a 4v2 or similar in the future? Please? Obviously monster needs to be down-tuned if it happens.


They would have to add an unranked playlist to allow this to happen which is fine with me. Otherwise people will be abusing the hell out it on the leader boards and to unlock stuff for their hunters.


Leaderboards? Does anyone actually give a crap about these? People always find ways to cheat and get to the top of these. They are meaningless in just about every game that has ever had them.

The best players will be playing in organized tournaments. Just like in all other competitive games.


Not that I am one, but those that don’t cheat for leaderboards, do care about legitimacy. Also seems the OP is suggesting 4 hunters versus 2 monsters. As in he wants to play as monster with another monster friend. Totally doable I’d think. Though things would have to be handicapped for sure.


Yeap that is correct. And I certainly hope that it is possible some time down the road.