I really need HELP



So hi, Im here again with the same problem.
I cant play legacy, when I tried this **** appears. I can play stage 2, what is strange because today is 3 of september, I have the game in disc so… yep, no idea what to do.
Please help.

And sorry if there is any gramatical problems, english is not my main language.


Through my experience you will also need a code to unlock legacy.


Did you opt into the legacy beta under game properties?


When I enter to setting-betas, it says that I acceded correctly to it.


I enter the code of the manual, but it said is a wrong


When you entered the code was everything exactly the same as what it was on the manual?


Yes, at first I thought the 0 was a O but not one work.


I would say contact steam support then.


Im waiting for them to answer me


They have finally answer me, they told me to ask to Turtle Rock


Have you asked Turtle Rock then? 2k may be able to help as well


You expect 2k to help. That is laughable.


Lol for real? Can you post a screenshot of that message?

Also, try uninstalling Evolve completely (perhaps through Programs and Features). Then reinstall it while making sure you have the Legacy option selected. Don’t use the disks. I’ve tried that before myself and it can screw with the installation for some reason.


Ok, so I unintalling completely and I enter the code again when I was installing it. Because I used the code when the game was free I cant use it anymore, so the only thing I can do is buy another one :frowning:
I really dont matter, I will do all I could to play my favorite game, especially when it help me so much when I was, lets just say, in a bad sanity.
Thax a lot for helping me :blush:


Here’s what I suggest you to do:

  1. Go to Programs and Features, look for evolve. Right mouse click and chose ‘uninstall’. Follow the instructions.
  2. Once finished, open Steam. Go to your Game Library, scrol to Evolve and right mouse click on the title to open a drop down menu.
  3. Chose Properties - Betas. Under ‘Select the Beta you would like to opt into’ click on the arrow to change from ‘NONE - opt out of all beta programs’ to ‘legacyevolve - The Original Evolve Product’. Then close the window.
  4. Now Steam should automatically begin installation and if not, simply click on the Install button under the game from the Steam Library page.

If you do not have this option, then maybe the code you redeemed was already used by a different account OR unlocked something else (pre-order and DLC codes do NOT unlock the base game).

One way to verify is by click on your Steam account name in the upper right corner. Then chose Account Details and click on ‘View licences and product key activations’.

In there you will find a list of all the games you redeemed on your account via a code, or bought. For example looking at mine it says: Evolve - Retail Pre-Order. This lets me know I bought the base pre-order game.