I really like wasteland maggie but (Need tips and info)


So wasteland maggie aka mad mags is awesome. playing her is a blast and she (and daisy) are pretty strong. after playing with her a bit she seems even better which is cool but im having a tough time against her. ive used different monsters and different maps, and the hunters mixed up the comps too :confused: tips would be nice but i would love to see her win/loss rate. when ive done ranked with her we have won nearly every game, and when i fight against her i seem to lose every game. maybe i just havent cracked her just yet but idk…

im a pretty decent monster player and im a decent hunter too, but i feel shes a tad on the strong side right now. comparing her to the other hunter adaptations, rouge val is good but val is still an equal if not better pick in some cases. hank to most people is better because he is more defensive but TS hank can put out a lot of damage. blitzkov has better damage potential at the cost of consistancy. mad mags has fire everyone doing tons of damage with 1 harpoon… that arms faster and has way way better range. normal maggie may have 3 harpoons but they might all break from a smack or 2 when you could have been doing damage.

so again questions are, whats mad mags win/loss, tips against her, and also why would anyone as the game stands pick maggie over mad mags?


I updated your subject so it was clear what you were looking for. I haven’t personally faced Mad Mags online yet, but I feel she’s a pretty balanced hunter. She trades dot for less CC and less health for Daisy.


well that i understand, ive mastered her and faced her and i can beat her sometimes but her cc isnt worse really. sure she only has 1 harpoon but it arms faster and has better range. so the cc is balanced out that way but it does damage too so i would honestly say thats stretching it. the gun does the same but maybe a bit more simply because of fire. and daisy seems balanced less health for damage ability but playing against her a bunch lately just is making me feel less good about her.

i know shes flavor of the month right now, but having an extra damage dealer that uses fire gives assault better options to pick from (or at least not having to go hyde to get dot damage) and the 1 harpoon with faster arm and better range gives her more time to shoot the monster increasing her damage even further.

im really not trying to call for nerfs galor on her but something somewhere on her kit needs to be toned down to make her not hellish to fight against while still keeping her near where shes at


This is adaptation conception. Meteor Goliath is also beter, faster and stronger.


He’s not stronger, he trades higher burst damage for damage over time.


Faster sure but stronger… No way as far as meteor Goliath is concerned.


Og Mags
+better cc with 3 harpoons
+weapon isn’t burst heavy(pressing wise)
+Daisy has more health to survive
-shorter shorter launching range and harpoon launching range, longer arm time
-daisy doesn’t do damage

Mad Mags
+Only one, fast arming harpoon with better range overall
+daisy does damage
+all attacks leave monster burned
-not as much cc as og mags
-daisy has a larger health reduction

Now these adavances and flaws aren’t to say ones bad over the other. Continuing the t1 motif, she is much more offensive, sacrificing her main job of restricting the monster for more damage. Personally, I like mad mags as I feel like I’m doing more, being in the fight.



and all this i do know, but i agree with the fact that the 1 harpoon keeps maggie in the fight to let her do more damage, i just cant wait to see some data on her…


It’s because wasteland does too much damage.

No. OG is noticeably better than MG. MG is even getting a slight buff in next weeks patch.


The real power of mad Max is the range of her poon. She works worse vs tanks and better vs fast or ranged monsters. It’s a question of the area you want to fight.
Edit: The Goliaths seams to work best.


i was just hoping i wasnt the only one who thought this. i love mad mags, i dont think i want to play normal maggie again and that i think is an issue right there :confused:


I’ve heard a few people say this. When people are picking wasteland over jack you know something is up


put into words… the 1 harpoon is better than the 3, the dog tracks…ish but deals great damage, and she does good damage herself. any other pick practically pales in comparison. i hate fighting jack but i can do it, and some comps make it a pain in the ass too but still mad mags is just so damn great at everything


I’m around #13 with WL on Xbox currently. Have a win/loss of a little over 2.3 with 53 wins or so.

In a strictly side by side view, my belief is OG does more damage when you play in the same style as WL (one harpoon, empty clip, repeat) but WM is the better choice overall.

That being said (to easier explain the following) I believe the difference in levels of skill required to play them to thier potential is pretty steep. Maggie is easier for newer players because of more harpoons means more CC for them, because they won’t make the most out of WM’s one harpoon, and can’t stick with the monster, like more skilled players.

For example I’ve kept gorgons from running away with 10 snare hits in a row by shooting it in front of them, where as OG couldn’t do that as easily on the chase (lacking launch distance, range, and activation to do so). Which lets the team get extra damage therefore boosting the teams chances. But that’s the kind of stuff that won’t show up on telemetry, and shows the difference in the skill ceilings between the two classes currently.

My best tip for not being perma stuck in spoons while running is wait to run untill the trap activates, which you should wait for before using traversals, then slapping it off soon as possible (like as soon as it shoots. try to anticipate it) and immediately gtfo’ing. Don’t stop to throw a attack back at us.

I believe her snare, gun, and Hyde flame all stacks as seperate flames. Its beautiful for uncloaking wraith.

Feel free to ask me whatever.


i thought it was all different stacks too but its jjust so damn strong. after monster i main traper then medic, and i have no reason to play OG maggie beause this new one is better all around. the fact that she has daisy but in your example can stop a monster from fleeing as if she was griffin AND can uncloak an invisible wraith is just … its crazy.

i hate being the one for a change to cry nerf, but she needs a little one. nothing too muuch but something to make her not be as amazing at everything. maybe a slight range tweak and maybe 0.5s arm time longer just so what you said you were doing cant be done as easily. the fact that it arms so fast, goes so far, and does damage, on top of the team doing damage is just so much. you get caught stage 1 youre fucked as the monster. stage 2 is possible to get strikes but you would have to play the hit and run game until 3 and again thats if you make it past stage 1.

like i said in the OP (i believe, not checking though) maybe its just me. maybe shes new and i havent figured out how to win against her just yet. normally i go for the dog so they have a harder time tracking me, but in a dome that ends up hurting way too much for a strike that isnt even garenteed.

example team would be mad mags, emet, markov, sunny. i know 2 of these characters are getting some nerfs which is good. emet is losing some damage while sunny is getting all around nerfs because shes stupidly good right now. but so out of domes they use the dog to get a direction, they have sunny boost the team close to known feeding routes, and then when close they get a dome most of the time. i can dodge it sometimes and once in a while ill start sneaking when close by and theyll think im a bit further when im actually going right past them lol. however they do get that stage 1 dome often enough. if i try midigating ill end up losing at least a bar of health for nothing. if i fight against that example team, if i go for sheild drone another gets placed so its a waste of time. if i go for daisy then heals are on her while the team tries to get in the way of my attacks while doing serious damage. if i go for anyone besides support they get sheilds and boosted. if i go for support she’ll cloak and get heals. support is the weakest link but they are a hard target to aim for amidst the damage im eating, harpoons slowing me down (which can sometimes cause me to lose sight of cloaked support), and even once the dome drops and i get out of there, strike or none, they pull that crap you were talking about chasing after a fleeing monster and still being able to traps off.

i just will continue to get practice for now but shes overall way better than the OG


I personally think the ranges are OK but agree with the activation time.
And to explain further, every time the gorgon turned around to hit the harpoon I was already shooting one in front of him, but then he’d web snare me in hopes of slowing me down and try to leap away but by that time the harpoon would hit him and he’d go only like 15-20 meters on avarage. That’s why I suggested just hitting the snare then running instantly. Even if it means changing directions to avoid going past where she layed down the next one.

I don’t play a whole lot of monster, but that’s how monsters get away from me. Or walking around a corner then jumping.


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