I really like the behemoth but.... $15?


I was put into a match as a stage 1 behemoth and I gotta say, he’s awesome lol. However, I didn’t realize he was dlc, until I checked afterwards. Is it worth $15? I’m not sure I could but it even if I wanted too. I really like though… oh well :confused:


At his current state no, maybe worth waiting(one or two months for a code update) until they fix him a little more.


Allot of people like the monster. But honestly, it’s up to you. I can’t tell you if he’s worth it, or not.

I wouldn’t have paid for it, but I don’t really play monster.


Don’t buy him, his price is ridiculous, wait for a sale like I am for the T4 hunters.


i agree, it is definitely worth the $15, but only after his bugs are fixed


Like I’ve been telling as many people as I can on the steam forums don’t pay $15. Go pay 50 cents at g2a.com. It’s actually legit and more than 90% cheaper. It’s worth it then. Although it appears it out of stock right now. Wait til it’s in stock maybe? Definitely NOT worth 15 bucks.


I hear you can find him for like 5 bucks at retailers. check online or at stores nearby.


I got him for free for pre-ordering, but honestly I wouldve bought him. He is super fun, and I love how situational he is. If you get a team together in a small cave you’ll wipe them faster and easier than any other monster at stage 1. I do agree you can probably find him cheaper than $15 though.


Ask the conch. Conch says…


Don’t. You. Dare.


Worth every penny. 3 points in lava bomb, damage perk.

Stage 1 wins. Stage 1 wins everywhere.


It is always the same concerning DLC. Just press the paypal button swiftly. It will hurt a couple of seconds, but then you’ll forgive yourself rather quickly and can then proceed to enjoy something you bought already anyway.

The only time I do not use that prooven method is when it frigginly doesn’t let me pay. In that case they get 3 attempts to take my money after the third the purchase is off the table.

I hope I helped you navigate through the deep decisions concerning DLC regardless of the game you are playing


ok i gotta be honest, right now behemoth is broken, BUT IF your S-M-R-T, you can actually win some :smiley: , but if your not S-M-R-T you will lose


A lot of people are still winning with behemoth. They just farm the damage buff and wreck the hunters.

Watched it happen to some guy named… squirlywriath? or something on twitch. apparently it happens a lot.


thats why, if your truly SMRT, get him, BUT if you later find out you cant win with him>.> im sorry your not SMRT, BUT i believe in you, for one your smart enough to start and account, alot of dumb ppl cant even do that :grin:


(10 char)


Behemoth is my favorite monster even with his glitches. I say its completely worth it.


I think it’s cool how even if you can’t play as him, you can fight him. He’s one of my favorite monsters to fight. :smile:


Basically this. I love Behemoth, he’s a lot of fun, second only to Goliath for me!

Buuuuut, I haven’t played Behemoth since the stamina nerfs, he’s just too easy to catch at stage 1 and then you’ll never escape.

Agreed! He’s very cool looking when you face off against one, especially if he made it to stage 3.


If you love playing the monster I say get him. Spending 15$ for game DLC isn’t that big of a deal for me anymore. I spent the 25$ on the tier 4 hunters even though I didn’t like all the characters and I’m happy with my purchase.

New content in this game is worth it imo if you truly enjoy the game.

As for skins however, I say use Elite / Event given prizes. The hunter skins are not worth their money because skins are not done correct for them.