I really like Hyde


Popular opinion seems to be that Hyde is a bad Assault, that he isn’t as good as Markov or Parnell.

While he doesn’t pack the straight up output of Parnell or the defensive zoning of Markov, I find Hyde to be an absolute Beast to play as.


He has Utility in Spades!

Inexperienced Hunters will use his Stink Bombs once, complain that they slow team mates and just rush to unlock Parnell, which is all well and good but they are missing out on learning one of the most effective Assaults and one very powerful tool.

Stink bombs are for flushing out and Space control, you use them to make common hiding spots inside the Dome worthless to the monster, stink bomb and they Have to move or risk taking massive damage.

Monster trying to force the fight in a territory ideal to them? Stink bomb to close down their space, you can even use it to protect downed Hunters from being finished off.

That’s not Hydes most powerful tool however, the Flamethrower is not only a Dps beast that forces the monster to reconsider its engage, lighting them up makes them easier to keep a tabs on. Some heavy brush or darker areas can mask a Monster or at least obscure them from Vision, while on Fire you just look for the glowing flames. It also helps greatly against the Feared Wraith, set it on Fire and it can no longer hide easily.

The trick to doing well with Hyde is weapon management, knowing when to use them, what tool is best for the job and using it, he’s not as clean cut as Parnell “Super Soldier means shotgun, out of range means Rockets” or Markov “Mines down near Hunters go ape with lightning gun until dry”, with Hyde sometimes it’s better to pepper with the Flamer and switch to chaingun, others you might want to blow all your flamer and go into chaingun, or even start with chaingun, he’s adaptable.

Get used to using his weapons, knowing when to use what and you’ll soon realise Hyde is an utter machine and he may very well be the stronger of the three due to his adaptable nature of playstyle.

So anyone else like Hyde and feel he’s heavily under rated?


Hyde is love, Hyde is life.


I love Hyde if for nothing more than his hysterical dialogue! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hyde is my favorite hunter too! Personality-wise & damage-wise.


Hyde likes you back :heart_eyes:


I think he definitely has his use but I find the Stinkbombs to be too useless overall. It’s true that I have a certain level of field control with it, which is great, but I feel it doesn’t mesh well with the general role and playstyle an assault has.


I love Hyde as well. I think perhaps Parnell should have been the T1 Assault with Markov and Hyde bumped up a notch. While balancing Parnell’s Supersoldier is a skill, the rest of his kit is very straightforward for any FPS player. Markov’s Mines bring in a new dynamic and require more tactician than soldier. Hyde’s kit is all about using everything at your disposal to get those few glorious seconds of Fking melting the Fking monster’s Fking face with a Fking Flamethrower.

Pretty sure he has that line trademarked.

Proper use of the grenades and considering their downsides is a bit harder than plopping mines, which is why I put Markov over Hyde in ease.


Hyde is the most badass assault that will ever live,
There is nothing more satisfying then jet boosting towards a full health and armored stage 3 Goliath and Fucking melting his Fucking face off with my super awesome F*fucking FlameThrower.


Hyde is definitely the most fun assault.

Also never underestimate his ability to completely and utterly melt fucking faces on defend mode.


After making a thread complaining about him, he’s actually my favorite now. I’ve done amazing things because of his toxic grenades. What is really lacking is machine gun damage but that’s it.