I really Hopeevolve gets a horde mode someday


Defend is just so boring. Besides the way the trailers for the mode play more like a horde mode than What it is right now.


Yes. Horde mode. Hunters and Monsters join fprces against everything else.

Doooooo iiiiiiiiit.


No, hunters and titan join forces as they defend Cher from monsters, mammoth birds, nomads and pretty much everything in the wild.


Ooh, Hunters with Titans. Gimmegimmegimme!


Titans with Torvald 's mortars and vortex drones. XD


In a horde mode, what about a team of hunters have an entire map (with a few places blocked of for reasons I’m about to say) and the 5th player would be a Observer that tells minions what to do. The 5th player could choose from any of the 4 monster, and they could use points to spawn them.
Points would be accuired over time or by killing hunters.
If you get enough points, you can send a minion away from the battle and evolve them. (with any monster)
The monsters could spawn with a random skin for diversity.
Hunters have to survive for as long as possible while the monster player has to kill all 4 of them to win.
So bassically the ending cinematic of Evac, but you play it.


Yes yes and yes! Evac needs to be more cinematic not like a bad soap opera that doesn’t know when to die.


How about 100 hunters defend against a horde of stage 3 monsters


It would be awkward to have about six of each hunter in one game.