I really hope TU9 marketing is gonna be extreme topnotch


Dunno if you noticed but the game is almost pretty much dead, at least Hunt mode is, like nobody plays it anymore, i tried to find a game but that ain t happening

So i really hope the marketing for the game is so good i see “Evolve ads” almost everywhere, just so that game critics that reviewed the game (example: Angryjoe, Totalbiscuit, etc) re-review it again since at this point since launch the game evolved huehuehue, and that they recommend the game and we get a huge new player base

Pretty much i wanna see Evolve come back with a vengeance kinda like that typo “careful who you call ugly in middleschool” something like that

Also all those people that consider Evolve p2w on steam, that s hilarious, i may have raged against specific characters but even i never considered Evolve pay to win come on guys


Someone already beat you to this one. :slight_smile:


TRS and 2K are on it. :slight_smile: