I really don't want to play as the monster


…But apparently I have no choice?
I go into PvP with a party of 2, 3, or 4, and for some stupid reason, I get put as the monster every time. Not only is the monster my last choice in my priorities, but I’m in a goddamn party. Monster is disabled! Also, and even more rage-inducing, is when I go into co-op… I get put as the fucking monster! Monster is supposed to be a fucking AI! And this is supposing I even find a match in the first place… Please tell me I’m not the only one suffering this BS.


Hmmm if you are in a party you shouldn’t be able to go into a monster, but if you join in with randoms you might be set in as a monster, when that happens to me i just play as the monster until the round is over then it lets me be a hunter that i asked for, make sure monster is at the end of your selection bar


This should be impossible. It hasn’t happened to me.


And yet it keeps happening. I have no clue what the hell is going on.


I wish I could help. I have no idea, though.


I agree that it shouldn’t be happening. I’m fine with playing Monster but there are times when I don’t and I place it last on the preference list. I still end up getting it due to being placed with a full party. I for one, think that if you have it as your least preferred matchmaking should exclude you from games with full parties. …but I’m sure something will be done about this. Just give it time as it hasn’t been that long now.

Also, as for being placed as Monster in Co-Op Evacuation… I had it happen to me once. Apparently it might have something to do with there being a spot for a player open and matchmaking bringing in two players pretty much at the same exact time so one is given Monster. That one time it happened to me, I was confused as I was sure I had hit ‘Co-op’ and not ‘PvP’ but I stayed and won that match. A few of the players quit do to being stomped which I understand as they were queued there to face an AI Monster. The following match I was placed as a Hunter as it was Co-op Evacuation.


The reason is you are alone and the rest are in a party making you the de facto monster. Play with friends and you won’t be the monster.


Not to be a Jack ads but this is America (at least where I live) and TRS is an American company… so you have FREEDOM!!! You don’t have to play the monster. … you can quit,wait just 1 long minute and hop right back into another match… YEEEE HAW BABY


i hate playing mons ter but i would love to play monster when iam in a party


Uhm… it can be longer than “1 full minute”. Not only will you wait around to find a match, which can take a few minutes, but even when you get in it takes upwards of 3-4minutes to get into a match with the various class and load screens. I record footage and have looked at the time stamp.

Given that matches can last 7-10 minutes on the short side, you can actually spend just as much time trying to play, as you do actually playing the game.

As for the Co-op switch to PVP, I have seen that more than a few times. I’ve chosen Evac Co-op only to be dropped in a PVP as monster (my last choice). Not sure why that happens, but it indeed does. I have some 100hrs in and it’s happened more than a few times.


GOOD GOD MAN… videogame matchmaking requires patience… NAW FUCK DAT… dawg I spend at least 1/2 of my time in gta online or COD at a freaking matchmaking screen…
I think instead of time spent crying that I didn’t get the class I wanted… I could have spent it quitting and queue up another match that doesn’t fill me with sorrow


Not a COD guy here, so I can’t speak to that… but in BF, GTA etc… it’s not even close. Hell, I thought ACU load times were nutty, they seem paltry compared to this. I tend to get into GTA pubs fairly easily and BF is no more than a minute or two. Again, I’ve timed it and bare bones (taking whatever class it gives me) is upwards of 3-4 minutes or more.

Anyway, it’s fairly known that the MM has some issues… we’ll see what they do with it.


I’ve had a few times where I’ve wanted to play, for example, a Co-Op Evac game and thrown in as a monster in a skirmish hunt.

Other times Evac turns into a general Skirmish etc.
Match making’s got a few bugs to fix, methinks.


I’ve been in a party with 2-3 people before doing Evacuation and one of us will be put as the Monster randomly. It’s happened maybe 2-3 times so it’s not very common but it has happened. We usually just laugh and get a kick out of it but yes it can happen and there are many other odd bugs, like this one for example:

Right after doing a day 4 rescue mission I was disconnected from the game at the result screen. I re-logged, loaded back in, and joined my friend who was still in that game when I saw the loading screen say “Day 5: Rescue”. And sure enough the next game instead of Defend was a day 5 Rescue game. On the exact same map we just played no doubt. Everything played out like a normal Rescue mission including the cut scenes and the Evacuation ended after that game like normal but we never got a defend mission.

Similarly I’ve gotten Day 1: Defend missions, invincible minions on Nest, bugged Evacuation scores that gave the hunters 90% survivors saved every mission win or loss resulting in 6k exp every Evacuation round (that was fun), choosing Skirmish and getting put into an Evacuation hunt, Choosing an Evacuation Hunt game and having it reset back to Day 1 after the Hunt ends, and lots of other weird bugs.


It has happened to me many times. I will be in a party of various sizes and it happens. I also play Co-op and for some reason I get matched up against a human monster. You aren’t crazy.


I’ve played as the monster while in a party with others. That is what OP meant.