I realize it's a known bug


…But wasn’t it fixed? Said they fixed the two Hunter bug, right?

But I just got out of a game with two Torvalds and a Sunny…

Why? ;-; It’s a taste of what Michael Bay would do to Evolve.


Okay, had to get that out of my system. :slight_smile:

Sadly I don’t know how to take screenshots in game and I haven’t downloaded Shadowplay yet so no help in that regards. :confused:


Press F12 for screenshot :wink: Unless you have changed default settings.


I try that, it just increased the brightness. :3


Well you can always use the trusted Print Screen button to add it to clipboard :smiley:
Otherwise; steam->view->settings->in-game->“screenshot shortcuts keys:” :blush:

(Added brightness is good, lets you spot monster or hunters more easy ;))


I try this…It just shows up as an entirely black blob. ;W;

Oh, thanks! Going to use this now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, true. I like my game darker though. :slight_smile: