I read some Evolve Reviews on Steam - It broke my heart!


In which world we live where a game like Evolve get that bad reviews? So Sad…
Can the Community do something about that?


We can’t get rid of the bad ones, and I don’t know if there’s enough of us to drown them out


We can’t and we shouldn’t. Because this game has been through some shit, like, balance and performance and bug related. Most of the reveiws on Steam are written by guys who just played the game for 0.5-1 hours and say it’s boring and blah-blah, but there are actually good ones, which point out real problems.

Also, we live in a world of Farenheit 451? Since then it’s normal to erase other’s opinions?


At least Steam changed their Review System so its now more obvious what rating the game got the last 30 days. But even that is more worse than the overall reviews of Evolve.

Evolve need a Re-Release with a new name and a new dlc/price model. Otherwise even TU9 will not bring all ppl back…


Yes of course!

I am not sure if TRS just doesnt care. I think they do. I think its more than that.
You know maybe 2K or special Contracts and that stuff. Maybe they just cant fix some things cause they have to work on different things or they are just not allowed to change some things.


On my french forums, when I see a subject “Should I buy Evolve/Is there people here ?”, I often answer them and give them couples of advices. But then there is a lot of people telling this game is shit, annoying etc…
The last time I heard that, I told them what are the defects of Evolve and they didn’t say anything.
This hate is so unjustified…


And this is the main problem!
So much ppl who just join the hate train.


I’ve been calling people out who have been giving negative reviews that isn’t constructive in any way.

You can find an example here: Steam has (finally) changed the Customer Review System

This way, whenever someone reads the review and checks the comments, I hope that person thinks twice before trusting any steam review


Any review you don’t think is a fair review (not that you don’t agree, but that you feel isn’t based on criteria that is relevant) you can downvote as unhelpful


If you are on the hate-train, you won’t downvote a hating-review.


If you’re someone here complaining about negative reviews that are unfair, you would though. Why would I be talking about people on a hate-train? :stuck_out_tongue:


The biggest questions is why STEAM allows reviews under 20h playtime!


Sad thing is there are plenty of games with only 20 hours of content, some a lot less than that.


Yes I would do it, but as you know there is a lot more of people that is on the hate-train or just heard some things on Evolve, so our voicies is mute in this hate-wave.


Its downvoting helps a bit, but not a lot. There are more people liking any negative review they see about the game than people downvoting it.


Than at least 10h. But giving a review with not even 1h is not okay…Steam should prevent it.


Yeah definitely. Should be at least 2 hours.


Steam reviews have gone through changes, I’d like to see them go through more. Things like giving higher weighting to reviews from people who have played longer (not long enough that you have to be a fanboy and thus skew the results, but long enough that you have actually given the game a fair shake), that kind of thing


The problem with this kind of system, is, that every game need a specific time to play before rating it.
You don’t review Evolve, COD, The Order : 1886, The Witcher with the same amount of time.


I find that people with higher play time should be placed higher on the review board. Also a system where people could decide whether someone has given a worthy review or not.

Therefore someone who has gotten a lot of upvoted reviews (over different games) will be pushed even higher.