I reached Stage 3 without even being seen

Still lost the round, but it was colourful. Haven’t done that since the fortnight after the game was first released.

My opponents were higher rank than me too - Silver 4s and a 3, and I’m a Silver 2 Monster at the moment. Hunt 2.0. They were using Abe so they had no direct means to home in on me, and every time I attracted carrion birds I’d immediately move a good distance away from the nearest patch of startle-birds and use Abduct on it to start them off, then turn and circle around the other way and all the way back to the other side of the map to continue feeding. They’d see one set of birds after another and conclude I was heading in the other direction and try to cut me off that way. Through some miracle I never ate a tagged animal. I think they must have been the whole map away when I Staged 2-ed at the 5 min mark, but they finally found me as I emerged from the Stage 3 cocoon at 10mins.

Short version: Stealth worked.


People that say Stealth can’t work are misguided. It’s fair to say that stealth is risky, and sometimes RNG will screw you over, but the payoff as a reward for making it work is very big if you can ensure you are fighting on your terms at stage 2 (for example)


Stealth is not just walking slowly, this is a great example. It requires creative thinking. Congrats to the OP, very well played :smile:
I think I’ve achieved this sometime. Lately it’s harder though with more experienced hunters and ruthless pro-like play style. But it was fun back then :slight_smile:

love the abduct bird trick. been one of my favourites. must confess its been a while since I got to stage 3 without being engaged. usually I go LOOKING for trouble I suppose.


Even sneaking forward a bit and cutting to the side is good before or after youve used your traversals, simply to throw the hunters off at the beginning.

As long as you can get distance and meats sneaking is worth it for the headstart it gives you.

That… Is actually an amazing strategy.

running till stage 3 full health and than lose at the relay

@deanimate approves


gj tho <3

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Running till stage 3 is different from stealthing till stage 3 one requires skill and one doesn’t one is irritating as shit one isn’t as irritating.

But yeah GJ though I’ve noticed that most monsters that are good at stealth and avoiding fighting tend to be bad in the actual fight and I have a better chance of winning against them at stage 3.

I love these success stories for stealth :smile: As a wraith main, I lovelovelove stealth and it usually works to a greater or lesser degree but I only use it till stage 2 then…


oh cmon u know how i meant that ^^

Yeah I did I just wanted to mention the fact that

and I have a better win rate vs the run/sneak till stage 3s than the ones who fight at stage 2.

There’s a lot of fresh faced noobs at the min (on ps4 anyway )and when they go trapper OMG they miss the dome all the time and run opposite side to the birds! No wonder stealth is viable at the minute with these newbz! Ha

Well if stealth was ever intended on a monster it’s the Wraith,she has all the arsenal to do it effectively,sneaky little madam she is!

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Must be disheartening getting to S3 undetected for you to loose! All the hard work was done unlucky

Yeah I don’t understand people that say stealth cant work. It could be as simple as breaking line of sight and just hiding behind the cliff to help you escape. I have hid right under the noses of the hunters as I look up at them and they gaze into the distance instead of below them.

The reason you rarely see sneaking, at high level play, is that it’s scary how good the hunters are at finding you. There’s so much that can give away if you’re sneaking. I’d love it to be more of an option but it needs to be made easier to be viable.

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Good job on the Monster if they sneak to 3. At the sametime though I have question the tracking methods of the Hunters you fought. Sure they killed you at Stage 3 at the relay but really that isn’t hard. They probably gave up chasing you and just waited because, again, fighting at the relay is super easy for Hunters and a nightmare for Wraith.

There are some Hunter Teams that no matter what you do or where you go they find you and Dome you every 46 seconds.

I know I can evolve to stage 3 with out being seen. I just like to toy with my prey with a strike on them here and there. Makes it a little easier moving onto stage three final battle. Wraith for life

And I love it when the hunters think they’re pinning me when in fact I’m leading them to my kill zone. :smiling_imp:

Those are the best moments. When you know where the enemy is, and trigger birds to lure them. Then you wait in ambush around a corner or in a bush… And as they pass you one by one, you eye the object of your desires and lunge atop them with a leap smash, before throwing a giant boulder at their now widened-eyes. Before the shields can come out, the medic is down.

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