I present to you: Elite Griffin!


Finally got it. Here’s what the things look like:

Sensors. Apparently they tell you the max range and distance to each sensor. They also tell you when to place a sensor so they don’t overlap. I don’t THINK it does this with the regular ones.

Gun, gun zoomed

Harpoon, harpoon zoomed.

I think they look quite nice. Sucks I lose them…


I have yet to see anyone with an elite skin but do they look different to the other players? Like do your colors change?


Seems like the man thing that changes is there weapon. I have Bucket’s Elite skin and his Rocket Launcher and Turrents go from yellow to a shinny silver color. I heard they may improve the elite skins in the full game.


Pretty cool! Recall though, that elite skins are getting a revamp for final release. We haven’t seen the hunter updates yet!


These are cool but I do wish that it changed the colors of your weapons and clothing. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a red elite bucket running around?!


Default ones do say the max distance and the distance to the nearest spike, don’t know what you mean by “when to place one” so I can’t confirm if that’s different but I doubt the elite skin would add an actual gameplay benefit as opposed to cosmetic.

Still working on a Griffin skin… don’t think I can get it… missed the first 48 hours of the alpha entirely and other people keep stealing trapper from me, and when I do get to play him well of course I’m completely stuck on SMG points. Ah well, thanks for the pics!