I preordered game, but Behemoth is locked


I entered my pre-order code when I first got the game and I have the Goliath savage skin so I know it worked… but Behemoth is still locked right now. Anyone else having this problem?


there’s been issues


^ of course… -___-


It’d be great if just one thing could go right with this game lol


The licenses for Xbox are being withheld until 5:00 pacific (I don’t know by whom - 2k or Microsoft most likely). After that, hopefully you’ll get it.

If you’re not on Xbox, then you should have them already.


5:00 PM pacific? And thank you for the info


Yeah. There’s an official thread with updates from Jess. It should be pinned right now.


I don’t see anything specific to my problem, but I’m probably just overlooking it.