I preordered evolve and no characters are able to be chosen, and says I must buy them


Isnt giving me the characters I preordered for, feel ripped off.


Did you get the Season Pass for the 4 new hunters and the Monster Expansion Pack for Behemoth?
Also, what system are we talking about here?
Did you by accident install the DLC onto another account on your PC or console? The DLC is apparently locked to one account.


I preordered the game on xbox in hopes that the game would actually be less repetive on release of the behemoth, and when I saw the update come out. I downloaded it about two hours ago, I didnt download it on any other accounts. Just the game had behemoth and the characters locked.


I dont even believe the hunters were in the preorder, I was just looking for behemoth.


So when you go to Evolve > Manage Game you don’t see a list of the new characters on the right under “Ready to Install?”

I had to install those separate from the update prompt you get when starting the game.


If you pre-ordered Evolve (Deluxe or not) then you should receive the Behemtoh free. The 4 new hunters are part of the Hunting Season Pass.

Go into My games and Apps and Manage Evolve (by pressing start on it). Then go to the right and see if any content is pending a download… :+1:


They were bugged and they might not have solved the issue comepletely. Do you have the Savage Goliath skin at least? cause if you don’t that means there is an issue with your code


Thank you so much, I was absolutely oblivious to checking that out.


I always forget you can check it that way. +1 @aboatman


Mine isn’t in the manage section either And I pre-ordered the Deluxe edition.