I prefer Val over Rogue Val, there, I said it


I thought Val was awesome ever since first reading about her in Game Informer in early 2014. I feel even better about her now, through updates as well. I personally think she has always been balanced. Now, I like R Val too. She has enough changes so that it still feels like the same character, just a different style much like the MKX variations. Yet, I feel like three weak heal streams is less feasible than one strong, her heal burst only seems potentially reliable and that she stole Laz’s rifle when he was out wasted. I think she was a good idea overall, but Val works best.


Yeah me too


I think most people do. Rogue Val is just too easily countered in my opinion, and she’s so trash at healing against burst. And the damage is nice, but she doesn’t match up to Val who can keep herself and her team nicely healed and has the (still very strong- not OP, but strong) tranqs and the 1.9x markers can boost damage a tonne.


I feel the same actually.


Tsk tsk, rogue Val getting no love lol. Maybe if her medgun healed just a little more, or her heal burst was 2-3 sec slower than current Val.


rouge val needs capacity hank/ reload sunny and capacity jack/ good griffin to be viable, if both are in team then rouge val is better than val.

I feel her play style is more like laz, she can let incap body stay for long time, trick is not to revive early keep body and punish . at stage 2 vs good monster who focuses support you cant keep up the heal if the trapper is not ccing properly… if monster manages to down support then her true potential is revealed now its all about how long you can dodge near the incapped body while the monster either wacks body or goes after you… Trapper CC will help … but again it depends on the team…

If team is good with dodging Rouge val is better than val as rouge val team can output more damage than val.


I think Val and Rogue Val are for two different kinds of players, almost like Laz and Val are for two different styles of playing. If I feel more aggressive I’m taking Rogue Val…but if I want to be more in a medic role and hang back a bit, I will go vanilla Val.


I like RV but if your picking her for damage output that’s where the trouble lies,if any medic focuses on damage output rather than healing your helping no1 unless your Laz and need to create weak spots then fine.

RV is good for average/bad medics in my opinion as its so user friendly basically doing your job for you without much skill needed.


Well yeah, normal Val is just straight up better against good monsters. Rogue Val just doesn’t bring enough healing.


Rouge Val is better in arena (OP even). Old Val is better in hunt.

RV is countered by building strikes on the other teammates. That’s harder to do in arena when you can’t run away and armor up before going in for more strikes.

My team uses Val in hunt and I use Parnell. The punish is so strong we rarely have a problem. Weakpoints are underrated.


Same, Val can be a good medic if used right
Rouge Val is also good in some respect but for me
Normal Val all the way :smiley:


Yea reguardless of the situation, I prefer Val. Plus, she’s got THE HAT😃


I actually prefer rogue val, but hey there’s nothing wrong with that, if you like normal val good for you. We all have our preferences.


Agreed. So what makes you choose Rogue Val??


She’s good for damage. I find healing the whole team really good. If your team can dodge then rogue val is nothing to mess with. She’s bad in pubs, but with pre mades she can be just as good or better then vanilla val IMO.

I have pretty good jet pack management, so I hardly just get bursted down like how most people think you can just do. If you’re focusing val you’re not hurting anyone else.

That means they’re still being healed while doing damage. I like to act as bait sometimes so we can get good damage. All I have to do is kite and dodge until the next heal burst :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s just me

Also I love communicating amongst my team about linking together for heals.


Sounds like you really know what you’re doing!! I know theres a time for risky tactics(choosing to back off and find a safe spot to release heal bugs instead of using the leech gun in sweet spot or choosing to spam the cutter instead of balancing gun and shield) but, I don’t see any players fight up close and personal with neither Val nor R Val. You’re able to combat the monster up close with her?? And how do you adjust to different monsters??


This is what makes rogue val so dangerous she is etremely similar to laz but instead when a team mate goes down you just punish the monster in the event they try to camp a downed teammate. Because if going against Rogue Val has taught me anything over committing when she is on the team is extremely bad idea that can result in a early grave.


Thanks, I try my best :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m all about, they often pay off. But nothings always works

Yeah, but not all the time, I don’t have a death sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of telling you, watch this game I had with bots. It went OK, this is day one when she came out


Camping a body against rogue val can be a death sentence. Like @browngpt said, much like laz you can over commit, and that will decide the match. You’ll be half dead and not even realize it, its pretty difficult IMO, to kill a downed hunter while rogue val is healing it. And lets not forget the passive heal over time, and the fact that the body she’s healing is linking to some of your teammates.


Man I literally lol at this vid. The “Sub-Assault Medic” should be your name😆 In all seriousness, nicely done. You play exactly how I described and it made for two fast-fueled consecutive wins. You stayed close to the group at all times enough to use your teammates to stall to recoup from the rock throws and you survived most of them. You used your burst to manage his fire breath and avoid dps hits so those didn’t work. Also, you didn’t use long range at all. You seem like the 360 no scope type. One more question, could you win consecutively with the balance favored to monster??