I predict Slim will break into the meta with this update


Haven’t tried him multi yet as I prefer to do testing with bots. Running slim with capacity I’m able to fire off 3 heal bursts per clip if I’m close to the monster. Essentially a monster won’t be able to kill anyone if Slim is near you and shooting. Pair slim with Sunny or Hank for shields and its going to be hard to get him down assuming you can see him in the graphic spam.


Not enough people like Slim to give him another chance. I love him, and he’s my favorite Medic, but he left a really bad impression on a lot of players, especially Monsters. Haven’t updated yet, so I can’t say for certain how well he does with these changes, but I’m looking forward to them.


His gun going to full auto is a huge buff to him. He also seems to get more feedback on his leeches to power the heal burst. Before this update I could get 2 HBs per clip with capacity and that was with a single fire manual gun. With a full auto gun his healing is really good, I probably think it will be too good.

I’m a monster main, but Slim is the only medic I took the time to elite.


Had a little play with slim earlier. He’s pretty good right now.


The full auto is not a buff or a nerf. I could pull the trigger faster than the semi-auto could shoot, as could many Slim Mains. This is simply something for quality of life, as well as a limit to his healing.

It’s not the gun change that’s helped him the most, it’s the fact that he no longer has a .5 second after using a heal burst before his pellets count. It simply allows him to never stop shooting and keep healing more consistently. That’s a buff, but I consider it how he should have been to start with.

However, he’s still proximity-based and still has the same Spores. I love using Slim, but like I said, he’s not a Hunter people had a good experience with, so it’s not likely they’ll give him another shot because of just the full-auto.


Yep, Slim is back again!

At least in the mid-skill section. Pro monster can still see perfectly even with the spore cloud, which means a huge part of slims kit doesnt work at high level…

Oh well, cant wait to play him again tomorrow!